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Wolverine...Blood Hungry, Part 4 of 8 "Four Scents Worth"

Cyber has brought a new and deadly drug into Madripoor - and has used it on Wolverine! Now, Wolverine is lost in a bizarre hallucination while Cyber plots with Tyger Tiger.

Beast... Just Friends, Part 4 of 8 "Fool for Love"

The Constrictor claims he was hired to kill the Beast. The Red Ghost claims he's too sick to bother to kill the Beast. Someone is out to kill the Beast at the International Symposium, but why?! Don't ask the Beast, Hank McCoy is too concerned with finding the great love of his life while he still has one ( a life, that is ).

Solo... "Hero of the People"

The mystery man known only as Solo, armed with an arsenal of weapons and the power to teleport short distances, wages a one-man war against terrorists worldwide. He has vowed that while he lives, terror shall die!

Volcana... "Shopping"

Most super heroines look for action and excitement. Not Marsha Rosenberg, a.k.a. Volcana. Transformed by Dr. Doom into a super-strong being capable of converting her body into ionized plasma, Marsha strives to lead as normal a life as possible!


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