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This issue features four stories:

Blood Hungry, Part Three: "Three Cents Worth" starring Wolverine

Last issue, Wolverine came face to face with an old and deadly acquaintance...Cyber! The adamantium-skinned Cyber has drawn first blood...will Wolverine draw the last?

Life During War Time, Part Six: "Sacrifice" starring Firestar

Previously, Firestar discovered the true nature of the mysterious Cross and his Arms of Salvation - and brought the whole operation crumbling down around him! Now, can Firestar escape Freedom Force and a vengeance-driven Cross to regain her former life?

Just Friends, Part Three: "If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium" starring Beast

The Beast has traveled to Belgium in search of the woman he left behind when he joined the original X-Men. He wants to apologize for allowing Professor Xavier to tamper with her memories in order to prevent her from recalling his secret identity as young Hank McCoy. Will she remember him? Will she forgive him? For that matter, will he be able to even talk to her before he's char-broiled by the coils of ... THE CONSTRICTOR?!

"To Touch the Darkness" starring Shroud

The Shroud stands at the hospital bedside of Betty Stein, an elderly woman dying from a beating. He recalls the events of the past two days: the Shroud confronted a punk belonging to a gang terrorizing the elderly in a protection racket; on the pretense of wanting in on the action, the Shroud arranged a meeting at a warehouse with the gang that night; fully expecting an ambush, the Master of Darkness used his powers and the arrival of his Night Shift to force the gang to submit to his will.

The next morning, the Shroud comforts Betty as she passes away.


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