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Blood Hungry, Part Two: Two Scents Worth

Wolverine is in Madripoor, climbing the walls on the request of Tyger Tiger. Meanwhile, General Coy has a visitor who wishes to move some goods. But the visitor senses something...someone he believed he left for dead.

The guest reveals himself to be Cyber and he smashes through the wall to get the man he sensed...Wolverine. Wolverine lets Cyber know he has been waiting for this moment for some time and, apparently, so has Cyber. The battle commences and Cyber cuts Wolverine's stomach open. Wolverine dives out a window to escape, while Cyber smugly looks on.

Life During Wartime, Part Five: True Colors

After her battle with Freedom Force, Firestar manages to capture Mystique and bring her to the Arms of Salvation organ donation operation. They promise to help her "friend" with a transplant and that they will not harm Mystique. Eventually, they betray her and blast her for not joining them. But, before they could silence her, the rest of Freedom Force attacks. Firestar realizes her error when she discovers the Arms of Salvation abducts people and sells the organs to high paying customers who need transplants. She releases Mystique but the leader of the Arms of Salvation known as Cross appears, with an intent to kill her for ruining everything.

Just Friends, Part Two: Drawing Stares

Beast is reminiscing with a man on a plane to Belgium about a girl he went to prom with named Jennifer. He explains that once he joined the X-Men, Professor X erased the memories of anyone aware of his mutant abilities. This erased everything Jennifer knew of her best friend, Hank McCoy. Beast is going to see her speak at the same convention, when he is attacked by the Constrictor.

Take Me Out To The Bomb Game

A bomb threat has been made at a baseball game at Metro Stadium and Paladin is there to make sure it does not happen. He is alerted to three suspicious characters in the right-field stands. When he approaches them and tells them to open their bags, they pull out a sub-machine gun and shoot him. Paladin is protected by his body armor and subdues the men and then stuns the fleeing last member. He gains control of the bomb, Paladin soon finds out it was the Head of Security behind the plot who was to be fired at the end of the season.


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