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    What is VANGUARD-and why does Blade want to kill DETECTIVE STACY DOLAN? Meanwhile, NAMOR confronts the ghosts of his past-and vice versa! All that, plus the conclusion of the SAVAGE LAND epic, and U.S. Agent delves deeper into the secrets of WEAPON OMEGA.

    Vanguard Chapter 7 of 12: Collision

    Detective Stacy Dolan's investigation, or what's left of it, continues as she turns the tide on the man who tried to kill her, Dominic Fortune. Still handcuffed, she follows him into a law firm to discover the truth. Thanks to Retcon, no one will know of her escape or the attempt on her life. Just as she thinks she has the upper hand, Blade and his pals intervene and disclose the facts that she was the one on the tape and that she killed Trenton Craft (John Doe in previous installments).

    Savage Land Part 3 of 3: Lost World

    The battle between Ka-Zar and his brother concludes. With the help of Stegron, Brainchild and his mutates and Devil Dinosaur; the inhabitants of the Savage Land thwart the attack from Parnival Plunder. After the dust clears, the Savage Land and Wakanda sign a treaty to help protect each others Vibranium resources. To invade one is to invade both.

    Namor: Paying Respects

    Still distraught over the death of his cousin Namorita, Namor finds himself visiting the site of ancient ruins. He encounters a sea serpent but soon realizes his battle is within himself.

    Weapon Omega Part 7 of 12:

    It is starting to become clear, U.S.Agent cannot trust Agent Brown. The Guardian is starting to control his powers but it does not come cheap. What has become of the villains Omega Flight has captured? Why do more arrive but no one ever leaves? With secret help from Arachne, it won't be long before U.S.Agent and Iron Man know what is really going on up north.


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