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CAPTAIN AMERICA leaps into action in WWII—and the Sentinel of Liberty’s actions affect not just the fighting troops—but even a man judged unfit for combat! Plus—KA-ZAR and SHANNA bring together the tribes of the SAVAGE LAND to fight a common foe…but how long can they stay united? Meanwhile, Detective STACY DOLAN tracks down a wanted terrorist—one she thought she already put behind bars—and an unexpected guest star reveals his link to the mystery of the VANGUARD. And finally—Michael Pointer, the GUARDIAN, has been hearing things…things he does not want to hear…in WEAPON OMEGA.

Vanguard 6 of 12: Unintended Consequences

Detective Dolan has some questions to answer. She gets the feeling she is being set up...her fears are realized when she is placed under arrest. How is this possible? How do they have her on tape killing 'John Doe'? Why is Dominic Fortune trying to kill her?

Savage Land Part 2: Alliances

Ka-Zar is struggling to protect the Savage Land from the Roxxon Energy Corporation. His plan? To make a pact with the most unlikely crew...Stegron, Brainchild and the Savage Land Mutates. Will Killer Shrike, Saboteur and Ka-Zar's own brother, the Plunderer prevail?

Captain America: 4F

A great behind the scenes look at what Captain America most likely endured before he became America's Super Soldier.

Weapon Omega Part 6 of 12

The mystery deepens as Iron Man, U.S.Agent and Arachne dig deeper into Omega Flight and their new Guardian Michael Pointer's activities. What is Agent Brown's Ultimate agenda...and what has been happening to all the super villains Omega Flight has been catching?


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