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This issue features four stories.

"On the Road" starring Wolverine and the Hulk. "Part 4: Death Don't Have No Mercy"

"Children of the Beast" starring the Werewolf. "Chapter IV: Leader of the Pack!" - Jack Russell rides with a motorcycle gangs called the Braineaters. The gang, a pack of intelligent werewolves led by a female named Layla, had saved Jack's alter ego after he had been severely injured by Silver Dagger. Now, the Braineaters run rampant at a drive-in theater as dusk falls. Jack tries to fight off Layla's seductive powers as she explains that the gang is one the Werewolf attacked years earlier, passing his curse on to them.

From a distance, Silver Dagger watches the orgy, then gives the order to his team, the Sword, to mobilize. The moon rises, and Jack and the bikers transform into werewolves. The gang begin to assault the drive-in patrons, but Jack's Werewolf tears into them. A lit cigarette dropped from the mouth of one of the Braineaters ignites a puddle of gasoline, resulting in an explosion. Jack's lycanthropic alter ego takes the opportunity to run away, as Layla growls at the "traitor", vowing revenge.

"Neptune's Eye!" starring the Sub-Mariner. "Part 1: Strange Visitors"

"The Crown Jewel Caper" starring the Black Cat.

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