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Take a trip to the SAVAGE LAND as Ka-Zar, Shanna, and Zabu defend their home against dinosaurs, mutates, mercenaries, and corporate goons in flying boats! This all-new serial begins right here! Plus: last time we saw the WRECKING CREW, they were being thrown in prison by OMEGA FLIGHT. Find out how the boys are adjusting to life behind bars... All that, PLUS the continuing adventures of Guardian in WEAPON OMEGA, and the murder of a man with no identity leads Stacy Dolan into the world of masked men and power-hungry monsters in VANGUARD!

Vanguard 5 of 12: Alternative P.O.V.

Blade, Micromax, Yelena Belova and Dominic Fortune are somehow involved with Detective Dolan's case...and that is not good news for the Detective.

Savage Land Part 1 of 3

Roxxon Energy Corporation has it's eyes on the Savage Land's greatest natural resource...Vibranium. Can Ka-zar prevent them from plundering his homeland or will they succeed where others have failed?

Breaking Away: A Wrecking Crew Story

The Wrecker and his crew are behind bars at a maximum security prison in northern Manitoba...what they need is an escape.

Weapon Omega Part 5 of 12

Guardian is still struggling with his powers, Agent Brown is still keeping him from the truth, and U.S.Agent is still secretly investigating Omega Flight. What is really going on in Canada?


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