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Excalibur part 8 of 8 "There's No Place Like Home" Finally Excalibur reaches the emerald palace where the Wizard of Oz lives, and who they find inside as ruler of such crazy world?

Wolverine (as "Patch") part 1 of 10

Wonder Man part 1 of 8

Hulk (as Mr. Fix-It) Stand-alone

Black Shadow White Shadow [part 1]:

Wolverine has arrived in Hong Kong. But his visit might not be very pleasant. Hong kong may have changed since the last time he came to this place, but Wolverine cannot believe what he sees now. An entire block in the city has been vaporized!

Wolverine sees the authorities cordoning off the place. He sneaks up behind them and drops to the ground from a rooftop. He tries to get some scents, probably to find out what could have caused such carnage. But he is suddenly spotted. The police officer in charge tries to wave him away.

But suddenly, the officer sounds an alarm. He notifies his squad of the approaching mob, which has come very close to the spot to salvage the remains. Confusion ensues, with the mob trying to break into the area and the police trying to stop them. But in the process, a lady police officer falls down and almost gets trampled. Her shrieks catch the attention of a thug. He tries to molest her. He takes her gun, but Wolverine suddenly comes from behind. He warns him but Wolverine is too quick for him. He dissects the gun with his claws and hurls the thug onto a wall.

Wolverine proceeds to a jewellery store and sees a loot going on. The looters fire at him, but Wolverine dodges them nimbly and cuts away the wall, causing it to fall upon them. The others round up to attack him, but he takes out all of them with ease. The police come to the scene. One officer spots Wolverine and orders him to stop. When Wolverine doesn't, he fires. But the lady police officer suddenly lands a blow on the officer's hand, causing him to stop shooting.

But Wolverine has other things in his mind. As he scales the rooftops, he pays least attention to the mob and the police. He wonders what force could have caused such catastrophic damage to the block. He knows that he will find the answers soon enough.


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