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    The bi-weekly action continues! Wolverine part III by Chris Claremont and drawn by John Buscema and Klaus Janson. Man-Thing part III written by Steve Gerber and drawn by Tom Sutton. Shang-Chi, Master Of Kung Fu written by Doug Moench, penciled by Tom Grindberg, and inked by Dave Cockrum. Plus: complete in this issue, a dynamite Thing story written and drawn by Al Milgrom.


    Wolverine: "Save The Tiger" (Part 3 of 10) "The Gals"

    Man-Thing: "Elements of Terror" (Part 3 of 12) "Ritual and Belief"

    Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu: "Crossing Lines" (Part 3 of 8) "Fish"

    Thing: "The Measure of a Man"

    Save The Tiger [part 3]:

    Following the events in Princess Bar, Wolverine seems to have stumbled upon an old friend of his, Jessan Hoan.

    Now, he tries to talk and reason with her. Flashbacks occur through Wolverine's mind. Jessan was from Singapore, heir to a rich banking family. But one day, cyborg robbers named "Reavers" teleported into the bank and plundered it, before taking Jessan with them. However, it was not long before the X-Men found them in the Australian outback. The Reavers were defeated.

    But the X-Men did not want to reveal their existence to the World, which still thought of them as dead. So, Roma, a celestial guardian and friend of the X-Men came up with a way to dispose of them. They were passed through the

    "Siege Perilious", a doorway that judged the deeds of men. But Jessan wanted to return home and so was done.

    Wolverine did not hope to find Jessan in this manner. Jessan struggles to get away but Wolvie refuses to let go. So Jessan dumps her coat and blows a powder into Wolverine's face. He is stunned and Jessan swiftly kicks him out of her way. Wolverine crashes into a truck and stays down. Jessan robs a motorbike and comes towards Wolverine. She kicks him again and zooms away.

    Wolverine recovers from the blow, but cannot help laughing. Suddenly Sapphire Styx comes towards him. Something about her bothers him. Styx invites him to

    her place. Wolverine curtly denies the offer, but cannot get away from her. Styx kisses him, and Wolverine drowns out of consciousness. But with a last desperate effort, he breaks free and runs.

    Suddenly, Razorfist blocks his way. He delivers a crushing blow upon Wolverine and knocks him off-balance. Styx comes and does her part to control him completely.

    Story #2 - Elements of Terror Part 3 - Man Thing - "Some bad ideas never die" The words alluded to a decade old goverment project to create a Super Soldier, and moments after speaking them, Senator William Wycombe fell victim to the blade of a masked assailant. But is Wycombe dead? Why was his body transported from washington D.C. to Florida into the hands of the very men his Senate committee was investigating? Is it possible the goverment never abandoned the Super Soldier Project after it had gone wry and transformed biochemist Ted Sallis into the monstrous Man Thing?

    Story #3 - Crossing Lines Part 3 - Master of Kung Fu - With terrorism escalating in Hong Kong Blackjack Tarr's "games" of tradecraft have become more deadly than ever. Shang Chi refuses to play. Then the new agent Xiao is murdered and Chi's former lover Leiko is kidnapped.

    Story #4 - The Measure of a Man - The Thing - Wherein Ben Grimm learns that the more things change, the more they remain the same.


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