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    This issue features four stories in the "Siege of Darkness" crossover. While the internal stories are listed as Part 7, it is actually Part 6 and Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #60 is part 7.

    "Siege of Darkness - Part 6: Like Family, Like Enemy" - During the invasion of Strange's mansion, Morbius who has know absented Bloodthirst from his mind, just got stabbed by Blade. Martine zaps Blade only to get Burnt by Blaze's gun. Morbius still has Bloodthirst in his mind but tries not to attack Blaze. He does not fight and takes Blaze's blast threw the floor. Martine goes after Morbius.

    Underground, Morbius finds a pack of Lilin about to eat a child and he stops one of then by ripping open his throat. The other Lilin try to stop Morbius but Martine stops them. She tries to bring Morbius back to her but he responds by slamming her in the throat. After the fight he leaves her be and he flies off to convince the other Midnight Sons that he is good again.

    "Siege of Darkness - Part 6: Treachery Redeemed" - Ghost Rider spots Morbius and starts chocking him. Zarathos breaks out of his mystical bounds and is held off by Modred and Jinx who merge their powers into one. Lilith then get Zarathos to escape with her and let the Lilin finish the job. After Zarathos leaves Modred and Jinx transport away from the battle.

    Morbius tries to talk to Ghost Rider but the choke hold damaged his vocals. He thens gets chain shrapnel shot at him. Ghost Rider then ives Morbius the Penence Stair and sees Morbius's pain for what he done to Louise. He realizes Morbius is back on the side of the Midnight Sons. Martine tries to attack Ghost Rider abut Morbius punches her and then Ghost Rider punches her. As he turns around he discovers Morbius is gone.

    "Little Monsters! - Part 2: Stage Fright" - On Halloween night, in Morristown, N.J., the Werewolf battles Lilin disguised as trick-or-treaters. Mistaken for an assailant, the police fire at him, so he leaps into the shadows. He follows the Lilin kids to the local grade school, where a Halloween play is being performed. The demons attack and apparently devour more children, as the horrified audience watches. The Werewolf arrives and shreds the Lilin, then escapes as the police arrive.

    "Techno Phobia! - Part 2: Algorithm of Life" - The strange creature Scarlet Witch and Pixil seems to be more curious then aggressive by Pixil doesn't see this. The creature grabs both other them and then blasts something into their minds.

    The Creature carries a type on knowledge that is to dangerous to be let out and Wanda tries to escape with Pixil. But Pixil is caught by the creature and Wanda escapes the Cess in the internet.


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