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This issue features four stories in the "Siege of Darkness" cross-over.

"Siege of Darkness - Part III: Treachery" - Doctor Strange tries to seperate the Midnight Sons from the Lilith attack but at some point, John Blaze, Ghost Rider, and Vengeance get seperated from the group by Pilgrim. They end up in an old labratory which the Lilins Girth and Skitter are taking position to capture the Midnight Sons. As they talk, the three Midnight Sons hear from the Lilin that there is a traitor hidden in the group. As the three attack Girth, his directional powers are making Blaze and Vengeance attack ghost Rider. Finally Ghost Rider throws many pieces of his chain right threw Girth killing him. The three are then cornered by Lilith, Zarathos, and Pilgrim. Pilgrim tries to stop the three from escaping in Doctor Strange's portal but Blaze shots Pilgrim's hand and they escape. Ghost Rider then warns Doctor Strange about the traitor.

"Little Monsters! - Part One: Goblin Night" - On Halloween night in Morristown NJ, Jack Russel (the Werewolf) cruises through on his motorcycle. He avoids hitting a jaywalking group of trick-or-treaters, but gives them a little scare just for fun. Later, a group of costumed kids are attacked by Lilin emerging from the mist and apparently devoured. Soon the costumed Lilin ring a doorbell and attack the woman offering them candy. As Jack comes across the Lilin kids he runs into one of them and witnesses the woman's severed head roll out of its bag. Jack transforms into the Werewolf and attacks them.

"Digital Terror - Part 1" - At the West Coast Avengers H.Q. Wanda(Scarlet Witch) has a new outfit and is testing out a new machine called the Strange Attractor, a device that represents order with chaos. All of a sudden smoke strongly pours out of the machine and some tenticals drag Wanda into the smoke and into the Strange Attractor.

She encounter the Lilin Pixil who is ruler of the Cess and plans the spread the dark mist in the internet and cyber space but wants help from the Scarlet witch to make the spread quicker. Scarlet Witch refuses and engages with a fight with Pixil. At one point pixil has her and is drawing her energy but somehow as he is doing that, he creates a vicious being.

"Out of Time, in the Time Out Hotel" - Devil Slayer is trying to take a break in a hotel and has developed a drinking urge. Some demon babies known and the infinks jump out of the fridge and try to steal the shadow cloak from Devil Slayer but he puts up a strong fight against them and sends them back into the fridge.


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