Marvel Comics Presents #111

    Marvel Comics Presents » Marvel Comics Presents #111 - Typhoid's Kiss & other stories released by Marvel on September 16, 1992.

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    Logan and Mary Walker must infiltrate a renegade mind control project to collect evidence of government dirtywork.

    This issue features four stories.

    "Typhoid's Kiss - Part 3: Over-Exposed!" - starring Wolverine and Typhoid Mary

    "Menace of the Mad Abbot!" - starring Iron Fist. A confused cult leader gains influence over those who had near-death experiences. Unfortunately this includes Iron Fist as well.

    "Return of the Braineaters - Part 5: Roadkill!!" - Jack Russell (the Werewolf) found Dan Ketch after his beating by the Braineaters, and took him into a sewer to treat his wounds and to cover his scent from the werewolf biker gang. Dan comes to and he and Jack begin to plan. At the bar where they hang out, the Braineaters hold hostage the boy Billy (who witnessed murders they committed) in hopes of luring the Ghost Rider into an ambush. Lupe, the still human girlfriend of the bikers' leader Scuzz, comes on to one of the other bikers and Scuzz throws a punch at him, setting off a barroom brawl. In the confusion, Lupe grabs Billy and runs out. Realizing what Lupe's done, the gang run after her. Scuzz, in his wolf form, kills her, but Billy has a head start. Dan and Jack find her body, and Dan becomes the Ghost Rider, vowing vengeance. He catches up with Scuzz and begins to beat him, but the biker tells him he has a choice: get revenge, or save Billy.

    "I, Thanos - Part IV: Legion of the Doomed" - starring Thanos. [Note: this story takes place during INFINITY WAR #3.]


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