Marvel Comics Presents #110

    Marvel Comics Presents » Marvel Comics Presents #110 - Typhoid's Kiss & other stories released by Marvel on September 1992.

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    This issue features four stories.

    "Typhoid's Kiss - Part 2: A Killer's Rights" - starring Wolverine and Typhoid Mary

    "Night of the Ripper" - starring Nightcrawler

    "Return of the Braineaters - Part Four: Undercover at the Black Moon Bar & Grill" - The Braineaters, a murderous motorcycle gang made up of werewolves, have Ghost Rider chained by his wrists and ankles to four motorcycles. They also hold captive the boy, Billy, who witnessed their crimes, and now force him to watch as the bikes accelerate in different directions. However, the chains give way, and the gang speeds off with Billy before Ghost Rider can give chase. The Werewolf arrives and reverts to Jack Russell, who tells Ghost Rider they need Dan Ketch to find out the gang's whereabouts. Dan's search leads him to the Black Moon Bar, where he does find the Braineaters and Billy. Lupe, a still-human member of the gang, talks to Dan who tells her he thinks she doesn't belong with them. The Braineaters then grab him and drag him into the alley where they beat him.

    "I, Thanos - Part III: Death's dark Domain" - starring Thanos. [Note: this story takes place during INFINITY WAR #3.]


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