Marvel Comics Presents #108

    Marvel Comics Presents » Marvel Comics Presents #108 - Male Bonding & other stories released by Marvel on August 1, 1992.

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    This issue features four stories.

    "Male Bonding - Pt. VIII: Together Forever... a Pair" - starring Wolverine and Nightcrawler

    "Against a Rogue God - Part 8: Nauda's Tale" - starring the Young Gods

    "Return of the Braineaters - Part 2: Claw and Bone" - In a Brooklyn park, the Ghost Rider attacks the Werewolf, suspecting him as the killer in a series of mutilation murders. They battle, and discover a boy, Billy, who witnessed the Braineaters commit the crimes. Before they can get answers from Billy, he runs away, then the police arrive, forcing the Ghost Rider and the Werewolf to take off as well.

    At Billy's home, the Braineaters kill his mother and sister while they await his return. Lupe, a still human member of the gang, begins to have doubts about her place with the rest. Later, in Cypress Hills Cemetery, the Werewolf confronts Dan Ketch.

    "I, Thanos - Part One: Into the Abyss" - starring Thanos. [Note: this story takes place during INFINITY WAR #3.]


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