Marvel Comics Presents #107

    Marvel Comics Presents » Marvel Comics Presents #107 - Male Bonding & other stories released by Marvel on July 1, 1992.

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    This issue features four stories.

    "Male Bonding - Pt. 7: We'll Muddle Through Whatever We Do" - starring Wolverine and Nightcrawler

    "Against a Rogue God - Pt. 7: Behold, Nauda!" - starring the Young Gods

    "Return of the Braineaters - Part 1: Bad Moon Rising" - In a Brooklyn park, the Ghost Rider comes across a savagely mutilated body and swears vengeance. The next day, Jack Russell reads of the murder, knowing it is the work of those he is tracking.

    That night, a couple are snatched of the street by a motorcycle gang, and taken to the park and tortured by the bikers who have transformed into werewolves. They are seen by a boy named Billy, and the catch his scent. Later, as the Werewolf, Jack Russell finds the couples' bodies, just as Ghost Rider enters the scene.

    "Fuel for Fire" - starring Red Wolf


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