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Doom is in his castle in Latveria where he is in his sleep, all of the sudden, Nightmare, an demon that goes around and intrupts peoples dreams and sends them to his realm which is something like and nightmare.  And when Doom wakes up, he gets angry and trys to get  some guy to make an device to get Ghost Rider and Wolverine in the realm of Nightmare to help him to defeat Nightmare for good.  And when Wolverine discovers that he is in the realm because of Doom, he stabs Ghost Rider and all of a sudden, everything goes wrong because that hellfire and adamantium have some kind of wierd reaction when they meet for whatever reason.  And Doom's plan fails and then wakes up and finds the dude who was helping him dead.  I think its an ok issue.  It features some of mine favorite charcters of all time.  So I'll give this an 4 out of 5. 

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