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Classic heroes! Top talent! All-new stories! Jump on board the landmark first issue of MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS! 4—count ‘em 4—brand new stories with a landmark wrap-around cover by J. Scott Campbell! Inside, you’ll find these incredible mysteries: Who is DAMIEN CROSS? Why will his murder shake the very foundations of the Marvel Universe? Why is SPIDER-MAN needed in outer space? Patsy Walker is HELLCAT. But then who’s the other HELLCAT? What is the SYSTEM? And what does it mean for the future of super heroes? Extra-sized first issue!

Story Titles

  1. Vanguard (1 of 12): The Two John Does
  2. Hellcat: The Girl Who Could Be You! (1 of 4)
  3. Spider-Man: Unfriendly Neighborhood
  4. Weapon Omega (1 of 12)
  5. The Thing: To Love a Man, Not a Monster!

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