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    The start of a super series by MCP. Starring Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Shang, Collosus and many others.....

    Save the Tiger Part 1:

    Night in Madripoor. Wolverine looks upon the city from a rooftop. He does really like this city. But he is here on a mission. He has to find Tyger Tiger, a local female crimelord.

    He goes to a bar and finds it being raided by goons. He walks in and gets attacked immediately. But the bad guys are no match for his adamantium enhanced body. They are defeated easily. Wolverine saves a man named O' Donell from them. A fair lady named Sapphire Styx likes Wolverine on first sight.

    Wolverine says that he is here to find Tyger Tiger and was sent by a man named Dave Chapel. Immediately, he finds himself staring down the barrels of many guns at once. O' Donell tells him that Dave Chapel is dead. Wolverine knows that this might have been a bad starting.

    Story #2 - Elements of Terror Part 1 - Man Thing - Where is the unlikeliest place of all to find a swamp creature? The middle of a political scandal.

    Story #3 - Ripples Part 1 - Master of Kung Fu - Shang Chi returns to the world to find it worse than when he left, and this time even his old friends Reston, Tarr and Wu may not make the difference. Story #4 - Fear Itself - Silver Surfer - The Silver Surfer realizes that he has nothing to fear but fear itself.


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