Marvel Comics' Fast Lane

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    Four-part anti-drug comic paid for by the U.S. Government and printed in Marvel Comics, as well as other kids magazines, in 1999-2000

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    An initiative from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, Fast Lane was an anti-drug campaign (marijuana in particular) that was paid for by the U.S. Government and ran in Marvel Comics titles from 1999-2000, as well as other kid-oriented magazines.

    Fast Lane is a four-part story, all being eight pages long and placed in the center of Marvel Comics every other month. Fast Lane had Spider-Man as the main character with the introduction of movie star Zane Whelan who promotes marijuana use and is idolized by Daily Bugle intern Sam Exmore. While over-exaggerating the effects of marijuana in the story (such as hallucinations), Sam eventually learns the dangers of the drug.

    Written by Glenn Herdling and drawn by Gregg Schigiel.


    Part 1: Media Blitz!

    Part 2: Feel the Rush!

    Part 3: On the Edge

    Part 4: Back on Target


    Fast Lane was collected in Spider-Man Fights Substance Abuse.


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