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  1. 'Now I'll Tell One!' - (unknown) a page of single panel gag strips.
  2. 'The Human Torch' - (Burgos) Professor Horton meets with members of the press to discuss that he is having trouble with his latest creation the first synthetic human whom he dubs The Human Torch. He keeps The Human Torch in a cylindrical tube that is completely free of oxygen for the moment the Android is exposed to the air it bursts into flames. The reporters are terrified of Horton's creation and urge him to destroy it but he cannot bring himself to.
  3. 'The Angel' - (Gustavson) A gang known as "The Six Big Men" terrorizes a city. When the police are unable to do anything, The Angel Shows up to deal with them one by one.
  4. 'The Sub-Mariner' - (Everett) Divers from a salvage ship encounter a strange man swimming around a derelict on the sea floor. When they chase after him he attacks and kills them then destroys the ship itself, killing everyone on board. He proceeds with the bodies of the divers to a secluded grotto where he presents them to a female sub-mariner named Domma. We learn that his name is Namor and Domma is his mother. She plans to keep the bodies of the divers as trophies in their war against the surface people. Then she sends Namor back to the surface on a mission of revenge!
  5. 'The Masked Raider.' - (unknown) When Cal Brunder the tycoon of Cactusville tries to strongarm all the smaller ranchers to sell out to him, Jim Gardley is a violent holdout. But when Brunder's gang frames him for cattle rustling, he escapes from jail and becomes The Masked Raider, fighting a one-man war on Brunder's gang.
  6. Jungle Terror - (Dixon) Ken Masters and Tim Roberts plan to rescue Tim's Uncle who disappeared in the Amazon Jungle while searching for a diamond with magical powers. However the owner of the adjoining plantation, John Crafton and his henchmen follow them intent on finding the diamond for themselves!
  7. Burning Rubber: A Short Story About The Auto Race Tracks - (Gill / Gilman) text story about a race car driver and auto mechanic who risk everything in one last race!
  8. Adventures of Ka-Zar The Great - (Byrd / Thompson) John Rand is flying with his wife and three-year old son to Cairo from Johannesburg, when they crash in the Congo tropical forest. Thanks to John the family is able to survive and wait for rescue. The son, David, makes friends with the animals and has no fear of them. When no rescue comes, the family must adapt to living in the jungle.


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Timely Enters the Comic Biz 0

Timely's first foray into comic publishingMartin Goodman began Timely's comic book publishing with Marvel Comics. This 10¢ book introduced a number of interesting characters like Ka-Zar (borrowed from the pulps), Sub-Mariner and The Human Torch. Though most of the characters had superhuman powers, they could hardly be considered "heroes", and in fact Sub-Mariner and Human Torch seemed to be closer to villains than heroes.The book opens with a page of single panel gag strips called 'Now I'll...

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