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"One batch, two batch. Penny and dime."

Back Under Construction as of 2/8/18

This will be my Respect Thread for Jon Bernthal's depiction of the Punisher in the second season of Marvel Netflix's Daredevil series and his own The Punisher series. I separated his Marksmanship and Training sections into two different ones, but it goes without saying that they are almost completely interchangeable as through his military training he received his marksmanship skills, but I thought they should deserve their own section.

This will be divided into the following sections:

  • Strength
  • Pain Tolerance/Damage Soak
  • Skill/Fighting Prowess
  • Marksmanship
  • Training
  • Weaponry/Gear
  • Miscellaneous


Frank disarms a police officer and knocks him out with an elbow, all in a matter of seconds:

No Caption Provided

Frank uses a headbutt to stagger Daredevil enough to throw him to the side even though Daredevil is wearing a mask that protected him from a bullet:

No Caption Provided

Frank then pins Daredevil against a ledge and knocks him to the ground, visibly injuring the masked vigilante:

No Caption Provided

Later on in the fight Frank lifts Daredevil up and then slams him over his shoulder:

No Caption Provided

Frank, despite just having been shot through the bicep not five minutes before, picks up Daredevil and slams him through a ceiling window to go crashing into the room below:

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Frank knocks open the door of a locked bathroom stall:

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Daredevil tells Foggy that Frank is fast:

Foggy: "You got shot in the head. You're lucky you're not in the morgue."

Matt: "It was just a dumb mistake, man."

Foggy: "What?"

Matt: "The gun on his ankle. I . . . I should've heard it, you know. I should've felt it."

Foggy: "Are you serious?"

Matt: "Yeah, but he's fast, this guy, Foggy, he's . . . He's trained."

Daredevil: Season 2, Episode 2

Frank vs Daredevil, Second Fight


  • 0:34 to 0:37 - Knocks Daredevil down with a hit to the head while wielding his joined sticks.
  • 1:50 - Picks Daredevil up by his throat and slams him through a window, crashing the both of them down a floor below.
  • The video doesn't show it, but Frank had the strength to carry Matt away from the police over to a rooftop some ways away and tie him up with chains after all the fighting.


  • 0:28 to 0:33 - Catches Daredevil's downward swing while still in motion and disarms him of his joined sticks.
  • 1:40 - Shows some decent skill by blocking and landing hits on Daredevil even after being shot through his right bicep.

Pain Tolerance/Damage Soak

  • 0:05 to 0:14 - Kicked off a water tower, hits a ledge on his way down, and then falls again onto the roof of the building. Gets back up after a few seconds and goes on to fight Daredevil again.
  • 0:20 to 0:28 - Takes hits from Daredevil's sticks without showing any sign of serious injury.
  • 1:33 - Shot through the bicep and continues to fight Daredevil afterwards.
  • 1:50 - Frank comes to around the same time as Daredevil after the two of them fall through a glass window to the floor below despite Daredevil being armored and Frank basically in street clothes.

Frank vs Thugs in Diner


  • 0:15 - Shoots a man in his leg from under his table to get the jump on the two of them.
  • 0:20 - Uses one man as a shield, advances while shooting him, and closes the gap between the second attacker.
  • 0:40 to 0:51 - Easily gains an advantage in H2H against the last thug, pining his head the the counter and landing four elbows to his head.
  • 0:52 to 1:05 - Defends against the man wielding a knife, then smashes a pot over his head, disarms him, and kills him with said knife.

Frank vs Irish Gang


  • 2:30 - Despite just being tortured for about a few hours, Frank still has the strength to grab a man in a headlock and throw him hard enough to destroy a wooden crate.

Frank vs Prison Inmates

I don't even think I need to break this one down, but Frank basically defeats almost a dozen inmates by himself. Some of them were armed with knives, small spears, and even an ax, yet he either disarmed them and took their weapon to kill them, or just beat the shit out of them while dodging nearly everything they threw at him. He even gets stabbed in the forearm in the beginning of the fight but doesn't have it slow him down one bit.

Pain Tolerance/Damage Soak

Frank takes several hits from Daredevil, which included punches to the ribs and kicks to the face, but is able to bounce right back into the fight:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Frank is then slammed into a wall, punched and kicked in the face even more by Daredevil and still finishes the fight:

No Caption Provided

Frank is kicked off of a water tower by Daredevil, hits a ledge on the way down, and then connects with the ground (ceiling of the building he was on) before getting up to continue fighting DD. Great durability feat:

No Caption Provided

Frank is struck by Daredevil's sticks numerous times without showing any sign of slowing down or injury:

No Caption Provided

Frank continues to fight Daredevil after getting shot through the bicep:

No Caption Provided

Immediately after getting shot through the arm above, Frank then takes repeated jabs from Daredevil and manages to block some of them in the same injured arm:

No Caption Provided

Franks picks up Daredevil, slams him through a ceiling window and into the room below, and although Daredevil was wearing his armor and Frank was in street clothes, both men get up and come to around the same time:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Frank is able to stand after being hit by four tasers and almost shrugs them off to stand again after falling to one knee. He was also hit with a drug earlier that was also making him sleepy:

Frank takes repeated punches to the stomach and face from Irish gang members and then has a hole drilled in his foot. All the time he never breaks and after he breaks free, is still able to walk afterwards without any help.

Frank takes a beating from Kingpin in the form of punches to the face, a headbutt, and then being slammed into a table and wailed on with both arms over and over again. Fisk is strong enough to take a man's head clean off his body by hitting it over and over with a car door:

Skill/Fighting Prowess

Although you can call Frank a brawler, the guy can still hold his own in a fight and is an experienced fighter.

Frank catches Daredevil's downward swing and disarms him of his joined sticks:

No Caption Provided

Frank showcases some neat hand-to-hand skills by having his guard up and blocking some of Daredevil's attacks while being able to sneak some of his own in as well. He does get tagged a lot in this engagement but a key factor to that would be the fact that he had just been shot through the bicep not a minute earlier:

No Caption Provided


Frank is accurate enough with a pistol to hit Daredevil square between the eyes in a weak spot in his mask, knowing exactly where to hit to leave Daredevil alive and not kill him. He does this after taking a pretty heavy beating from Matt too.

Melvin: "How far away was this guy when he hit you?"

Matt: "Four or five feet. Why?"

Melvin: "He could've killed you. And one inch in either direction, your face would be spaghetti. I mean, look at that shot placement."

Matt: "I got lucky."

Melvin: "Yeah, maybe. Or maybe it was a warning shot. He could've finished you off, but didn't. Talk about getting your bell rung."

Daredevil: Season 2, Episode 2

Frank snipes down Hand ninjas to help Daredevil:

Frank is able to headshot a man from El Paso despite the man being in Juarez, Mexico. You get a clear look at the distance in the video:

Military Training

Steve Lightfoot, the showrunner for The Punisher series says that Frank is never going to be a guy who walks away from a fight and that can arguably be attributed to his military training:

So that scene for me in a way was the emotional redemption for Frank, knowing that the violence in his nature is still there — so when he says, "I haven't got a war to fight," knowing that it would take about 3 minutes to find him a new one. He's never going to be a guy who walks away from a fight.

Source: 'The Punisher' had a surprising amount of bromance -- here's why

Jon Bernthal says that Frank Castle is a soldier more than anything else:

"More than anything, Frank is a soldier."

Source: Marvel’s The Punisher: Jon Bernthal previews ‘brutal’ spin-off series

Frank has been described as a "whole gang of guys" when he shot up the Irish gang and Grotto even compares him to SEAL Team 6:

Foggy: "You told us the Irish were attacked by a whole gang of guys. I'm pretty sure the word you used was 'army'. You want to tell me why I'm now hearing this is all being done by one man?"

Grotto: "Look, I didn't know you guys were--"

Foggy: "Who does he work for?"

Grotto: "I got no idea!"

Foggy: "Well, what do you know?"

Grotto: "I know he's a sociopath, that's what. I mean, yeah, fine. . . I heard the rumors, okay, but I didn't think . . . I thought it was ridiculous, okay? Ten, twenty guys could be mowed down at a time. And with precision? You know, tactically? Every hit was like some kind of SEAL Team 6.Then people started saying it was one guy doing all that. One man? I thought it was a ghost story. Some . . . campfire shit you tell freshies to make 'em crap their pants. But now. . . You saw. That guy was the Grim Reaper."

Daredevil: Season 2, Episode 2

Frank has also hit the Dogs of Hell, another gang in New York. Matt overhears police officers the night the Irish gang were shot up complaining that Frank has already filled up the morgue with members of the Dogs of Hell, and that what he did to the Irish was worse than what he did to the Dogs:

Officer: "Where exactly am I gonna put this asshole? The morgue's completely full. This is worse than what happened to the Dogs of Hell."

Daredevil: Season 2, Episode 1

Frank is described as taking down gangs with "military precision":

Foggy: "What the hell is that?"

Samantha Reyes: "You could call it a work product. Morgue reports generated by the shooter who attacked you in the hospital."

Karen Paige: "And all of these people were. . . were killed by the same man?"

Blake Tower: "He's tracking gangs to their home turf and taking them out with military precision."

Daredevil: Season 2, Episode 2

Officer Brett Mahoney says that the word around the precinct is that a new gang has come to Hell's Kitchen and has been targeting other gangs. He also tells Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson that this new "gang", which is actually just Frank himself, must be some sort of "paramilitary-type organization with the training, knowledge and hardware to take out half of the city":

Mahoney: "DA's going bat shit trying to figure it out. This isn't the first hit that matches this MO. Call it massive gang-on-gang overkill. Downtown office thinks we got new players in Hell's Kitchen, and whoever they are, we're talking some kind of paramilitary-type organization with the training, knowledge and hardware to take out half the city."

Matt: "What do they want?"

Mahoney: "That's what's driving the DA nuts. We don't know who they are."

Daredevil: Season 2, Episode 1

When he was in the Marines, Frank won the Navy Cross award, which is the second-highest award that can be given to a Marine for extraordinary heroism in combat. Frank earned this award by taking out 32 enemies all by himself and clearing an LZ to allow his team, which had been ambushed and boxed in inside of a canyon, to escape. Every member of his team survived while he himself took out all enemy soldiers trying to ambush their rescue helicopter:

Foggy: "Colonel, how long have you known the defendant?"

Colonel Schoonover: "I'd say the better part of a decade. Most of his career in the Marine Corps."

Foggy: "So you're familiar with his service in the Middle East? Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran?"

Colonel: "Yes, very familiar."

Foggy: "I wonder if you could tell us how Lieutenant Frank Castle won the Navy Cross?"

Colonel: "Due to the nature of that mission, you'll have to understand that the precise circumstances are classified."

Foggy: "How about the part that's not?"


"Lieutenant Frank Castle was part of a small team. He was conducting a close target reconnaissance in the vicinity of the Hindu Kush. The mission became compromised. taking enemy contact on three sides. Lieutenant Castle wanted to abort. Said the mission was a bust, pulling the plug would save lives. Officer in charge said 'no'."

Foggy: "And why was that?"

Colonel: "Maybe he wanted more medals on his chest. Doesn't matter. Either way, Frank was right. They were cut off, boxed into a canyon."

Foggy: "And what happened next?"

Colonel: "Within the first hour, the officer in charge of that mission got his arm blown off. So Lieutenant Castle assumed command. His only goal was to get his men out alive. The enemy had set up an ambush at the LZ that would accommodate one of our birds."

Foggy: "Sorry, Colonel?"

Colonel: "LZ is a landing zone that can accommodate a helicopter. So the enemy, they block this landing zone, knowing it was the only shot the team had to get out alive. All they had to do was wait. They knew that Frank's team had to come to them."

Foggy: "Fish in a barrel."

Colonel: "So to speak. Only fish don't know they're gonna die. These men did. Frank went to the LZ all by himself to draw the bastards away."

Foggy: "Why didn't he order one of his men to do it? He certainly could have."

Colonel: "Not his style. So the men hear the fire fight break out. All hell breaks loose. Frank against God knows how many. And then there was silence. The team thinks, 'That's it. Frank's dead, and we're next.' Next sound they hear is the helos, the helicopters. They get to the landing zone, and know what they see? Frank Castle, standing there, grinning. Thirty-two muj surrounding him, all dead. Son of a gun cleared that entire LZ all by himself."

Foggy: "How?"

Colonel: "By being Frank Castle."

Daredevil: Season 2, Episode 8


When he first shot up the Irish gang, Frank used bullets that were capable of flying right through a man wearing a bullet-proof vest:

Officer: "Now, what kind of bullet can punch through polyethylene fiber vest thicker than my dick then punch straight through the same shit on his back?"

Daredevil: Season 2, Episode 1

Frank has access to a police scanner that is capable of picking up tactical bands and allows him to be where the police are pretty much faster than they'll get there:

At the end of Season 2 of Daredevil, this is what Frank is packing:



Thanks for reading. Click here to view my other Respect Threads.

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