Marvel Studios plans to reveal one of its characters is gay

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@tobymaguire: You’re right and that’s why it’s become a bad joke. It’s not real diversity it’s pandering tokenism. Like Rose in Star Wars.

dumbest shit I've heard.

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Under the general trope of "Bury your gays" and the economic demands of appealing to mass audiences and outside markets (hi, China!), I'm guessing we'll learn that Black Widow liked to run with scissors on occasion.

This won't be announced officially, of course, until the Black Widow solo movie is done and the box office is secured.

Then they'll pull a Rowling.

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@mrnoital: It is not Disney but previous Marvel CEO who was not really in on diversity. Kevin Feige only got complete control in 2016

So Disney took over marvel in 2009, then left someone that doesn't like diversity in charge for 7 years, sounds like it was Disney to me

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Grandmaster seemed pretty gay to me

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