Lowball Estimate on Thanos's Moon Throw

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Ok, this was in debating the old Taer in another thread on battles, but since I already went through the work to post it there, I figured more might want to see it.

The total power needed was about 14,145,748,688 pounds of force to do what he did, feel free to correct any calculations if anyone wants as I am not a math teacher or hobbiest. And also feel free to ask some questions about it. I do know there are more exact formulas for things like distance/mass/velocity over X angle/etc, so this is the simplistic version.

Either way, 14 billion pounds of force to do just the top sliver of the moon and throw it like that, thought it was worth mentioning in it's own post. Here is an an excerpt from my main post over in the other thread in response to Kara's strength he was talking about.

To Taer

I decided to do the math since apparently you did not, on the moon feet. Because I knew it was lowballing, let me do some minimums. For a moon around any planet, regardless if it is our moon or not, to become a celestial sphere, it has to have a certain weight/gravity. Since it is obviously a sphere, and not some chunk of rock moon like Phobos, we can rule out a few things. For rocky type planets - the size needs to be about 600 cubic km before it starts to pull itself down into a spheroid. For malleable, easy to compact/shape materials, like ice - it becomes less. But even the lighter estimates, for things like pure ice celestial objects from a few bits of asteroids - what does that have? Oh, about 400 cubic km. Since I don't need to get what I think it is (a bit of gas/rock) by the looks of it, let us just go by the lowest possible denominator and see what it at least is - if not way more, which it probably is.

1 cubic km of ice = 919000.8212 kilograms = 2026050 lbs.

* 400 to get total poundage needed for spheroidal light estimate...

= 810,420,000 pounds.

The moon had to weigh AT LEAST 800+ million pounds, and probably much more than that, given that it didn't look like something that was of that material by the color of it.

To peel off to top layer, doing the math, since it is the crust, of at least the deepness of the largest rocks we saw - which were what, 15, 20 feet or so? Ok, let us go 15ft for the lower bracket again. Or 4.572 meters. We can use this later to find how much weight we are talking about, but first we need to find the equation for the complete sphere from the volume that we have. V =⁴⁄₃πr³, since we know 400 cubic km is V, let us find R. 400 = ⁴⁄₃πx³ = ⁴⁄₃π(4.570781)³ - so 4.570781 kilometer radius.

Now let us use that 4.572 meters. Which is 0.004572 in km... To find the space that the top slice of that size off the planet, we use the formulas V =⁴⁄₃πR³-⁴⁄₃πr³, or simpler V=⁴⁄₃π(R³-r³).

To find the other radius, we just have to subtract 0.004572 from 4.570781 to get our two radii for this equation. The answer to that is 4.566209. So to have the answer we need, that is a set of two radii of 4.566209 and 4.570781.

Plug in to the formula mentioned above... V=⁴⁄₃π((4.570781)³-(4.566209)³)

= 1.19911940158 cubic km of Thanos destroyed crust - minimum possible estimates. Let us get the poundage on that, from the numbers we had before. 1 cubic km = 2,026,050 pounds of ice (as one of the better materials for you in this debate). Now, what is 2026050*(1.19911940158)?

2,429,475.86357 pounds. At extreme range, and by the looks of the attack, low difficulty in pushing.

But this still doesn't give us the total strength, because this was actually moving it - because how he did it over the distance he did, made it very much more impressive.

Want to find the power required to move that much mass that far and faster?

Just to be conservative on you, I am just going to use a basic pulling force required set of formulas... And to be ultra conservative let say it was only a mile up in the atmosphere (even though, lol - should be more).... It took what, 10 seconds at slowest to get there? So that would be D^2/t^2 here, or 1mile=1609.34 meters, ((1609.34 meters above)^2)/(10seconds)^2 = 2589975.2356/100 = 25899.752356. Let's just round that, 25900. So Thanos needs to have an acceleration of 25900G just to get it from where it was to the avengers faces he was fighting in that amount of time... And now to factor in the mass to this.... Multiply that by the mass that is to be pulled to get the force of the gauntlet being used there... 25900*2,429,475.86357lbs = 62,923,424,866.5

Converting this over to pound force - 14,145,748,688.98168.

That is to move that mass of a couple million, that quickly, that far.

Ouch. You want to talk about million+ pound punches, this Thanos with the moon feat has a striking power of at least 14 BILLION POUNDS, and this is from all the LOWEST POSSIBLE ESTIMATES. From just the top 15 feet of crust ONLY.

Legit estimations for a more normal moon consistency, size to what it looks like, and a more realistic distance, and we have entered in absurd territory.

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blowing up a moon is obviously large building level stop wanking and for the record he shattered the moon

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@cyberpunkcop said:

blowing up a moon is obviously large building level

Lol, that is what it felt like I was talking against at some points.


I see you edited it with the picture and more on what you meant, so I guess we are in disagreement now. What, showing pictures of the pieces that hit around them and excluding all the rest that were pulled? Excluding distance, shattering the moon's top itself is still definitely way larger than a building level, and if you think otherwise, you haven't seen the numbers.

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When was the Moon ever destroyed?

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@chad_duby said:

When was the Moon ever destroyed?

It wasn't, but the top surface of the moon was ripped apart and chucked at them. I factored that into the calculations as well. Look at the differences in the volumes calculation I did, only counting the uppermost feet of the moon in the calculations for the mass he chucked. In order to get that number, I had to find the lowball volume of the moon, and then subtract the estimate for ft ripped off, totaling across the entire moon, just that small amount on the top for mass - and then use that for the numbers he tossed. I guess I didn't quite explain myself as well. But then again, there was a lot of numbers and less explanation, sorry.

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Look at post 2. I finer pointed it out in the past that the moon was shown to be completely destroyed

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@emanresu_20: Where was it shown that the Moon was completely destroyed? I am a bit confused. Weren’t they battling Thanos on Titan which was the moon of Saturn? As for that reason how was the moon destroyed when they were still battling on it and members of avengers were left there.

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@chad_duby: Dude what are you talking about did you not watch the film they are on Titan yes but there was a moon clearly shown in the sky he used the power stone to destroy and throw the chunks at everyone on Titan. Nobody is saying he destroyed Titan I don't have a clue what you're talking about.

Moon in sky
Moon in sky

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@thorthunder98: I watched the movie but didn’t pay attention to events happening around, also I slept in a theatre for a moment. Sorry for wasting your time.

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@theonewhopullsthestrings: do you not see the picture in post 2? He didn’t just rip the surface of the moon.

In the picture you can see he straight up broke the moon open completely.

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@skrskr said:

@theonewhopullsthestrings: do you not see the picture in post 2? He didn’t just rip the surface of the moon.

In the picture you can see he straight up broke the moon open completely.

To the lowballers, it was only the top part of the moon, because I don't think you can be 100% certain one way or the other.

But if it was the whole moon being broken apart completely, the force requirements skyrocket from here, going well more than 14billion.

The point of this thread, is that even giving them every ounce of wiggle room to downlplay this - the force requirements for the feat are still incredibly massive, more than anything I have seen from the likes of CW Supergirl in the strength department for instance. Just from the numbers breakdown.

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