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@amonfire1776: lol, yes the cg on nick was really good, the CG on Carol was shitty though and is awful

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No comment.

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2. i fell asleep. dang

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I walked out of first viewing thinking 8.5, watched it again - replayability is low. The jokes fell a little flat the second time, and although Fury steals the show that movie makes his character take a few steps back. His lost eye became a joke, and he’s an idiot saying he’s surprised to see aliens and they started making advanced weapons because of Thor when 20 years earlier he met extraterrestrials. Dumb.

6.8 out 10

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6-7/10 meh plot, nice character horrible villain. Once again some Marvel formula can be seen, joke in wrong place like Fury eye. Ending is meh, too little climax.

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@emmafrostxmen: The CG on Carol was fine...better than the trailers for sure...

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@stahlflamme said:

I probably agree with you on about 7/10. I can't say I did not enjoy it, but I consistently thought this is good, but the same thing happening just could have been better. And honestly thinking about it makes it worse.

Problems with it there certainly are no shortage of it. From small stuff like Furys eye, being like the Mandarin twist. It makes you chuckle at the time, but then you just think what a waste it was and how you wanted more out of it. The avengers initiative having been named after her plane. Ronan being just a cameo(do something with him or don't use him) To big stuff like why the hell was Goose there on earth(and where is it now?), why did Mar-Vell let Carol fly the ship, why Carol did not take out Talos in the archive instead of running away even though that kind of direct action is what she wants to take at any other point in the movie and she thought he was the big bad(not like a couple of regular agents are a threat to her). Too thematic stuff like how it comments negatively on US foreign interference with the mass bombing of an innocent world for supposed terrorist who may as well just be civilians, but then make the big resolution a show of superior firepower, which is whats often at the core of just those military actions. Too the lack of a real climax conflict. Too the scenes straight from other marvel movies: Goose killing the kree is Groot killing the sakaraner in guardians. The Star Force team is the warriors three and Sif from Thor the opening battles is the jotun battle complete woth the bigger fodder guy that no sells her hits. The single random use of licensed music in a fight scene like in guardians. And behind the scenes stuff I don't judge the movies on like the skrull kree conflict coming down to a simple good evil conflict, using Yon-Rogg as essentially the main baddie, even though he is a nobody only important in early Mar-Vell atories, but Minerva who is a way bigger character as a minor henchman and the only one that seems to have died. To the Mar-Vell, Yon-Rogg twist being only a thing, because they lied in the promotional material, which probably doesn't even mean anything to most viewers. To sadly Brie Larson really only working about as well in the role as anyone that matches Carols physical looks could have done.

But on the other side Fury was hilarious, Talos was actually a cool character and they made use of him being this comedic not very intimidating villain to actually make the reveal that he was not evil work. The skrulls looked good and most designs were actually good. The tesseract reveal was actually good. The mind reading scene in the beginning was cool, but went on a bit too long. And the cat was funny, if you get over the nonsensical unexplained inclusion of it. It's an entertaining enough popcorn flick.

While I understand the score, I couldn't disagree more with some of your issues.

I'd give it an 8.5. It was a 7 but the Binary scenes pushed it way up just from how much I enjoyed watching her go nuts on the Kree.

I honestly don't know what people wanted from this film. It's most definitely NOT a standard intro/origin story yet people are acting like it is. I'm not sure if that's from people switching their brains off when they watch these films or the way Marvel makes sure people can ignore the little things and only see "popcorn flicks" when watching the MCU even though a lot of them have much deeper subtext.


The film is very much in the same ballpark as Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther when it comes to talking about colonialism and the interactions between different groups of people. We start off introduced to the Kree, a very State-Orientated species who put the good of the Empire before the individual and who are not above destroying entire planets to kill one enemy in order to keep the Empire safe. This totalitarianism Empire is balanced by our main character, an individualistic free-spirit who chafes at the rigid structure she's a part of. Our main character is constantly being told that she allows her emotions (her free-spirit and we later learn her "humanity") control her and that's a problem considering she has amazing powers that she's wasting. According to her mentor and the Supreme Intelligence. Incidentally, great job with Marvel for finding a way of doing the S.I. without it being a giant booger with a face!

Cue details of main character's secret past that Bourne-like she has no memory of and that those around her don't seem to be interested in helping her remember and we're onto the first mission that, inevitably, goes sideways. There's a dangling threat from the start with their communications being down and we're introduced to the Skrulls (loved the look). Vars is captured with the typical "get the message X isn't on their side at the last minute" scene and we're given a fragmented covering of hero's past.

Here the viewers can already piece together Carol's general backstory. Earth pilot involved in some type of incident/accident involving aliens and the Kree might not be all nice and kind like they've pretended. This is our hero's opening to get to Earth and find answers while the viewers get (more) suspicious over her mentor.

The film turns into a Bourne/buddy-cop spy mashup involving Fury, double-agents (through Skrull mimicry), and X-Files style "truth is out there" revelations. Fury comes across as a wacky but three-dimensional character. He isn't the cop one day away from retirement, more the experienced pro who is caught up in a spy game bigger than himself with a soldier teetering on switching sides. The visit to the Rambeaus is the "reconnection to her past" moment but with the extra twist of finding out the military good-guys aren't that and the bad guys are being slaughtered. This double-revelation is handled in one long scene and is pretty much the only way to have done it without ruining the film.

We get a fleshing out of Talos' motivation and the expected (but still fun to watch) hero moment when the main character is smacked down only to stand up and fight for what's right with renewed strength and power. Her brashness and personality shine and its fun watching her have fun with her powers now unleashed. She's able to save the day, we get a brilliant Fury sing-song, and her arc completes with her dedicating herself to helping the Skrulls rather than hating them as in the beginning. The film ends with Fury creating the Avenger Initiative, a program that is inspired by and pays homage to Carol and everything she became right down to her flight call-sign.

As a buddy-cop movie, it's okay but Brie is too much the straight-woman to Fury's zany mood swings while her dry humour doesn't fit the genre. As a Space-Bourne style film, it follows the script beat-for-beat and doesn't really have any surprises. But as a merging of the two revolving around a woman with superhero powers...well, it's a pretty unique experience even if the individual parts aren't anything we've not seen before.

As for some people's issues with the film:

Fury's Eye - I honestly think this film went the Rock root and pointed out that "It doesn't matter how Fury lost his eye!" Sure, it would be epic if he lost it in a grand fight with a monster or alien, but life doesn't always work that way. Sometimes, something stupid really can change our lives and leave lasting wounds. Bruce Banner experimented on himself and became the Hulk, Fury was being stupidly silly with an alien cat-like creature who clawed his eye out.

Fury not calling in Carol earlier - New York was exactly what the Avengers was made for, Ultron was Tony's fault, and he was out of the loop for Thanos. This is a woman who scared Ronan away, why would Fury call her when he trusted others to do the job instead?

Ronan - Cameo it might have been but it totally fleshed out his character from Guardians. This is a man who believes totally in the great Kree Empire and its superiority only for Carol to force a peace treaty between the Kree and their hated enemies.

Carol's emotional control - As I stated above, I truly think people are misunderstanding the constant nagging at Carol for letting her emotions rule her. They're referring to her individual personality not conforming to the State's rigid discipline rather than actual emotions.

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#63 Posted by Warlockmage (9312 posts) - - Show Bio

6/10 pretty damn average

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#64 Posted by YhwachSOLOKING (307 posts) - - Show Bio

5/10, average. Nothing noteworthy and I've already forgotten most if it honestly, a shame.

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7.5, pretty solid.

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Is it me or none of the characters had any chemistry?

Especially Carol and Fury they were supposed to be this duo carrying the movie but Fury was just constantly being put down by Carol just to show how great and independent she is... I am sorry it was just too on the nose.

The action sequences were honestly all bad and nonsensical completely lacked any kind of punch or weight. On the final sequence in space Carol's face looked like PS3 graphics, not sure why Marvel is always immune to CGI criticisms.

Furys eye... Uuuhhh funny I guess. Same with the avengers name twist... Earth's mightiest heroes are named after a plane? Uh okay.

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#67 Posted by DaSalvadore (377 posts) - - Show Bio

Furys eye... Uuuhhh funny I guess. Same with the avengers name twist... Earth's mightiest heroes are named after a plane? Uh okay.

They're named after Carol herself. Avenger was her call-sign.

I don't understand why this keeps getting misunderstood.

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I heard there were some political bs in the movie. Def not going to watch.

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@dasalvadore: Dude, Black Panther and Thor Ragnarok were no deep movies by any stretch of the imagination either. If they were I would have to hate them on principal, because the main characters are both totalitarian rulers of totalitarian countries who inherited theor position based on blood and their ability of inflicting physical violence and grand scale destruction without any consideration for the laws of other nations, which they would be glorifying if they were. They were better than Captain Marvel because they had better characters overall, tighter more logical scripts and ended up more entertaining. The low-bar american blockbusters have to pass to be considered insightful is ridiculous. If no american movie had ever managed to ask any deep questions, none had ever been a deep character study and none of them had ever been actually complex I would get it, but even dream factory hollywood has created some of those managing to grasp and explore very real issues. So no, some action comedy is not getting given any significance or is worth any additional praise if they don't show any of that to the same level as those movies just because they off-handedly and often shallowly allude to colonialism, slavery, foreign military policy. freedom vs security, racism, sexism or any other topic dumbed down or narrowly grasped by the filmmakers themselves and less explored than alluded to. And every american critic that dared to shit on the second biggest continent on the planet with dozens of countries, several ethnicities, over 200 languages and therefore several distinct cultures by describing Black Panther simply as african after not even having visited a single one of those countries should probably retire their racist asses from their jobs instead of pretending to be some great allies, because clearly they are under the impression africa is just a bunch of black people living in a few mostly empty squaremiles of dessert and the bush wearing colorful handwoven clothes and the occassional bronze plate stuck in their lowerlips, while beating drums made of animal skin.

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I would probably give it at 6. It was an average film, but a certain twist, Samuel L. Jackson, and it being interconnected with the MCU allows it to raise up to a bit above average.

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7/10. Without Nick it would've been a 5.

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7 out of 10. Starts off well but turns pretty boring for about an hour and only gets good towards the end. Similar to Captain America The First Avenger, it’s the sequel movie I am more excited to see. Also the Fury eye thing kind of pissed me off.

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@stahlflamme: No offense but apart from the massive anti-US critic rant when it comes to treating all of Africa as one nation/people, I have no real cluse what your wall of text is on about.

Look, there are different ways in which films or other media can handle social issues. Some ways can be pretty deep and indeph, hitting the issues right on the nose while other ways can be light-hearted and/or done in a way that makes it easier to digest.

Let's take Avegers: Age of Ultron for example. Not the greatest story-telling in the MCU with Whedon trying far too hard to go back to his basic writing style (Widow and Banner for starters). But at its very core the film is about what happens when a man in power decides that he and only he knows what is best for the country/world. Age of Ultron shows you the very first steps to hell ruled by a "benevolant dictator" and how it can destroy society/life as we know it. That's the driving force for the creation of Ultron. The Iron Legion is the the potential start of a 1984 or Minority Report esque society.

Or the film is a badly written Terminator: Rise of the Machines rip off.

And that's why the depth of the MCU films shouldn't be discounted. In no way, shape, or form are they the best represenations of the social issues that make up the plots but those plots are still there. Will the MCU's X-Men/Magneto film be the best screen showing of the horrors of the Holocaust, how racism is on the rise in modern society to potential those levels and the extremists in today's world aren't hiding any more? No. Will they be films involving those issues in a way that allows people to see them without taking away the Box Office experience? Absolutely.

So while Black Panther isn't the best film ever made for people of Africa/people of colour, and the Iron Man films aren't the best films to show the horrors of PTSD/family dynamic problems, to act like the films don't have these elements is sticking one's head in the sand.

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The fact I saw it once, completely forgot about it and have no intention of seeing it again means it's a 2/10.

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7 seems fair.

Felt like a Phase 1 movie through and through. Had this actually come out during Phase 1, I might be a little more forgiving or remember it more fondly like the first Thor or Cap films.

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1 or 2

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#78 Posted by DaSalvadore (377 posts) - - Show Bio

7 seems fair.

Felt like a Phase 1 movie through and through. Had this actually come out during Phase 1, I might be a little more forgiving or remember it more fondly like the first Thor or Cap films.

That would be my biggest issue with the film and (pardoxically) why I never went to see Ant-Man and the Wasp. Heck, even if the film came out at the beginning of Phase 3 somewhere between Strange and Homecoming then I think it would be more receptive to a lot of people.

I think the film's biggest issue is that after the intensity of Infinity War we've now got an intro movie so there's a sort of entitelment attitude going into CM. It's a "well she's obviously going to be a big deal in Endgame so show me why!" attitude that then leads to disappointment rather than being able to judge the film on its own merits.

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10/10 Better than The Dark Knight

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6-7/10. I enjoyed it. It was a fun film. I liked the twist even though it was spoiled for me before I saw the film.

My biggest grip honestly would be some of the dialogue with how it was delivered just felt flat to me some of it cringed.

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Objective, it's a 6. Like many have said, it was generic. Well done, but terribly generic. MoS level.

But it's part of the MCU so I'll bump it to a 7.

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Pretty much played out exactly as I anticipated, another cookie cut, dry toast MCU origin flick. Nothing remarkable about it whatsoever for me. Brie just seemed kinda, just idk, bored or something. On the bright side, the action was good, as was Mendelsohn, and even tho they did beat the Hell out it, the 90’s references were entertaining. Can’t go higher than a 7.

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Objectively bad

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@dasalvadore: Yeah, right like how rogue one was protested by neonazi groups for being anti-fascist. Congratulations there is the success that this kind of basic alluding to something without any proper explanation and grasp gets you. People never realized that the empire was in fact a fascist state. At which point it is so pointless you moght as well view it as the side effect of whatever story or message you want to send and not give it any praise for it was pointless. As I mentioned if I count that sort of basic thematic allusions to anything I logically also have to consider Thor and Black Panther as movies that are for totalitarian monarchies, because there is every bit as much of that in there then of anything else. But sure go pretend like everything here was chosen with some meaningful intention and has any success at showing a message to viewers that are not wanting to find that exact message, I've already wasted too much time pointing out the idiocy of what "meaningful themes" people projected into Man of Steel.

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I gave it a 6/10 pretty bland and hardly any memorable parts. Not a movie i would go out of my way to see again.

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It’s a weak action movie and a bad origin film. Like the humor and what they did with the Skrulls.

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I heard there were some political bs in the movie. Def not going to watch.

Absolutely untrue. The more gullible have fallen for it, though.

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7/10. I enjoyed it but it had plenty of flaws.

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7. Goose the Cat saves the movie

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This was a 7/10 as average of a movie as you can get.

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It was aggressively okay. Bout a 7.

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4. By far the worst MCU movie.

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@the_wspanialy: Pretty generous rating compared to deleted RT ratings of the movie

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Like, 7? It didn't wow me. Wasn't awful but not great.

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7 i think its a fair score. There was some pretty good stuff and there was some pretty bad stuff as well. I cant say im dissappointed though; i think its a fun movie barring maybe the second act.

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6.Would've liked more coulson & SHIELD.

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