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The Marvel Bullpen is the nickname used for the staff and all those who work around the clock at the Marvel Comics offices. The name was thought up by Stan Lee in the late 1960's. It is probably the most famous editorial group of people in comics. Although Stan was the creator of the Bullpen and the page known as the Bullpen Bulletins a lot more people have worked on the pages. People such as Flo Steinberg, Jim Shooter, Roy Thomas, Bob Harras , Mark Gruenwald, Joe Quesada and even Dan Buckley when the page recently returned for some time. Stan Lee also came up with the No-Prize and other cookie terms such as "Frantic Marvellite", ""Nuff Said" and "Excelsior!" inside the comics.

Bullpen Bulletins

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The Marvel Bullpen even had it's own letter page from the 1960's up until the early 2000's, named the Bullpen Bulletins in witch news about developments in the (personal) lives of members of the Bullpen was discussed. It also featured upcoming projects and comics

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