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One of the best of the company crossovers

So this is one of the books that came out as I was really getting into both teams. You know, before Marvel started believing the hype surrounding their mutant teams, and Wolverine was not doing guest shots in every book imaginable.
  Also this happened before company crossovers became commonplace.
  I was excited for this.I remembered buying the Giant Size Superman/Spiderman book, and thought this one could be even better.
  I was right.  Chris Claremont writes a pretty good story here. It does become a little bit long winded toward the middle, but still it is a strong tale. At least the big guns of each team are given their chance to shine. The smaller characters get a line or two here or there.
 I did think it was weird the Terminator took out Collossuss just by throwing him over his shoulder. The fight between him and Wolverine did prove to be more interesting.
 Simenson does a good job also, yet at times some characters have some pretty silly looking smiles at times I do not think they would.
 Small complaints considering the good things we find here.
  It is on my list of favorite stories. I can highly recomend this  at whatever price you find it.

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