Marvel Age: Spider-Man #6

    Marvel Age: Spider-Man » Marvel Age: Spider-Man #6 - The Return of the Vulture released by Marvel on August 2004.

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    One of Spider-Man's original nemeses returns! The Vulture is back, and he's looking for revenge!

    The Comic opens with Spider-Man and the Vulture in a fierce battle above the skyscrapers of New York City.

    The Vulture is reminiscing on his last battle with Spider-Man in which he defeated him with the use of a magnetic inverter, causing the vulture to lose his flight. Whilst in prison, Toomes was stealing parts to build a new flying device.

    After hearing that the Vulture had escaped prison by merely flying over the walls, Peter Parker abandons his game of volleyball and is teased by Flash Thompson.

    Returning home, Peter puts on his costume and equips himself with the magnetic inverter and heads out to tackle the Vulture.

    Meanwhile Toomes robs a jewelry store in an attempt to lure Spider-man, Fleeing the scene Spider-man activates the magnetic inverter causing the Vulture to plummet to the ground but as Spider-man turns away, The Vulture strikes him with his wing announcing that his new flying device randomly changes it's magnetic field making the inverter useless.

    Spidey is sent crashing to earth breaking his arm.

    Peter arrives home telling Aunt May he injured himself playing volleyball and whilst at school he is teased again by Flash Thompson.

    Believing Spider-man to be out of the picture, The Vulture heads out to steal the payrolls from the Daily Bugle. Creating a temporary sling for his Arm out of webbing, Spidey confronts the Vulture and a battle occurs leading them to the sky.

    Spidey shoots a web at the Vultures eyes and leaps on his back, riding him through the sky and crashes him onto a roof, locking him in a pigeon coop.

    Spidey visits J. Jonah Jameson leaving him with his mouth webbed shut whilst Peter Parker and Betty Brant sit under the desk appreciating the silence.



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