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Editor and Design Director:

  • Jim Salicrup

Assistant Editor:

  • Adam Philips


  • Barbara Johnston

Coming Attractions:

  • Dwight Jon Zimmerman

Mutant Reporter:

  • Bill Slaviscek

Sage of Marvel Age:

  • Fred Hembeck

Consulting Editors:

  • Craig Anderson, Adam Blaustein, Bob Budiansky, Bobbie Chase
  • Daniel Chichester, Margaret Clark, Don Daley, Tom DeFalco
  • Jo Duffy, Danny Fingeroth, Archie Goodwin, Mark Gruenwald
  • Bob Harras, Larry Hama, Laura Hitchcock, Sid Jacobson
  • Terry Kavanagh, Ralph Macchio, Howard Mackie
  • Rosemary McCormick-Lowry, Al Milgrom, Ann Nocenti, Jim Owsley
  • Carl Potts, Pat Redding, Joanne Spaldo & David Wahl

Art Director:

  • John Romita

Romita's Raiders:

  • Mark Alexander, Jose Marzon & Mark McKenna

Art Production Coordinator:

  • Anita Duncan

Production Assistant:

  • Doreen Frederick


  • Brenda Ming


  • Jack Abel


  • Paul Becton, Pat Brosseau, Harry Candelario, Rob Carosella
  • Hector Collazo, Rich DuFour, Dawn Geiger, Veronica Lawlor
  • Michael Maier, Rick Parker, Bill Oakley & Bill Vallely

Traffic Manager:

  • Virgina Romita

Friendly Assistance:

  • Christina Aurilla, Lynn Cohen & Sue Flaxman

Rights and Permissions Editor:

  • Steve Sheffler

Director of Specialty Sales:

  • Carol Kalish

Direct Sales Manager Administrative:

  • Peter David

Assistant Promotions Manager for Direct Sales:

  • Steve Saffel


  • Irving Forbush

Inside Front Cover: Credits

Pages 1-5: "Coming Attractions"

Pages 6-7: "More Coming Attractions"

Page 8: "Newswatch"

Pages 9-11: "Behind the Lines"

Pages 13-14: "The Mutant Report: The X-Men Versus the Fantastic Four" by Bill Slavicsek.

Page 15: "Stan's Soapbox"

Pages 16-17: "Hembeck" by Fred Hembeck.

Pages 18-21: "The Comet Man Cometh" by Bill Slavicsek.

Pages 22-23: "Star Spotlight: Animax" by Sandy Hausler.

Page 24: "New Talent Department" featuring Terry Tidwell by Sholly Fisch.

Pages 25-26: artwork by Terry Tidwell.

Pages 27-29: "The Marvel Age 1973 (Part II)" by Sholly Fisch.

Pages 30-32: "Bippity Boppity Boo"

Inside Back Cover: Ad for "Strikeforce: Morituri"

Back Cover: "A Special Team-up Starring... Star-Lord and Forbush-Man" scripted by Jim Salicrup, penciled and inked by Ron Zalme.



none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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