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As is mentioned in the plot summary above, this, like many of the Marvel Age issues, is probably better regarded now as a historical reference point in the development of not only Marvel comics but also the Cyttorak gem-juggernaut that Marvel Entertainment has become.  It chronicles for us the developing nature of the comic characters, the careers of the writers, artists, editors, pencilers, letters, etc., and the various enterprises of Marvel's diverse avenues over the years.  This issue, especially, as the preview of the X-Men animated series of 1992, heralds the future expansion of not only the animated successes of Marvel series but also the resurgence of live-action films.  True, other Marvel characters had cartoon series before (as well as other live-action films), but it is not too much to say that the success of the '92 X-Men cartoon series led to the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and Spider-Man series, as well as the Blade and X-Men films, and ultimately the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ultimate Avenger cartoon releases, Super Hero Squad, and all the other series/films that have come to us since '92.  This issue gives us an insider perspective on the atmosphere and optimism about what was about to happen in the then forthcoming expansion of the Marvel Universe.

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