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    Best Ant-Man Comic

    Fred Van Lente's expanded retelling of the original story that introduced Hank Pym as Ant-Man is a lost treasure.

    It's funny, it's fun, this is the Marvel Adventures series at its best.
    I consider it to be better than stories with other characters in the line.
    Janet Van Dyne's appearance as a competent business woman who encourages Hank is a welcome change.
    The humor falls back on the "mad 50's" science fiction.
    It has none of the weight or hangups that haunt Pym in the regular Marvel comics.
    Psycho-Man makes a great appearance as a boisterous would-be conqueror.
    And best of all, Pym has two wise-cracking ant sidekicks.

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      Fred Van Lente takes over from Paul Tobin as writer with this issue, and brings with him Hank Pym! This is an updated, reboot of Hank's origin as Ant-Man. It is thoroughly enjoyable. Right from the opening splash page.Hank is presenting his latest invention for a grant to Van Dyne Tech. Instead of using insecticide to get rid of home ant infestation, Hank has developed a helmet to communicate with ants and tell them to leave. Yes, it is a totally ridiculous "real-world" application of super hero...

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