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The battle with Bullseye is over, but where is Spider-Man? Sophia "Chat" Sanduval and the Blonde Phantom scour the city in a desperate attempt to find Spider-Man before his time runs out, and he numbers among the fallen in the battle with the man who doesn't miss.

Spider-Man lies unconscious in an abandoned apartment. The Torino crime family wants him found and killed, and Chat desperately wants to save him.

Flip, a medium-level henchman of Berto Torino, is feeling unsure about his life's direction. His wife doesn't know what he does, and he doesn't know if he wants to continue a life of thuggery. But he is a diligent man and starts the chase, working on clues provided by other criminals.

Chat, meanwhile, tries to track Pete down through Aunt May, Gwen, and Carter, with no success; they are all worried. The Blond Phantom agrees to help. However, her best detectives are the city's animals, which swarm together under her powers and find him.

At the same time that the animal's alert Chat to Peter's location, Flip finally gets a bead on him as well, and the race to actually get there begins. Flip gets there first, but, seeing all the animals, decides to help him instead of hurt him. Chat takes Pete home, and Flip goes back to his wife, telling her that he needs to look for a new job.



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After Spidey has his run-in with Bullseye he's pretty beat up and trying to get home.  His friends and enemies are out looking for him.  The Torino family has heard he's in rough shape after his run in and his friends just haven't heard from him.  Most of this issue is spent just looking for Spidey.  Not terribly exciting stuff.   My son who usually loves this title just didn't rate it very high (his rating you see here).  He's always rating Spidey a 5, but could only muster a 3.5 on this one.  ...

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