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When Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung Fu, comes to Midtown High, Peter Parker knows that trouble is probably coming along for the ride, but can even the amazing Spider-Man deal with feuding friends, a very unexpected new classmate, AND the villain known as Midnight, all at the same time? It's canine chaos and martial arts madness at its very best!

Spider-Man saves a dog from some dog-nappers, but can't find the original owner, so he keeps it until he can find its true home. He meets up with Chat, who is working on a smuggling case for the Blonde Phantom. Carter Torino, innocent scion of the Torino crime family, meets up with Bullseye, who tries to haggle for a bigger reward for killing Spider-Man. Carter doesn't want anything to do with it, and Bullseye threatens him as well. Peter brings the dog to school the next day, and talks with Chat about possible new names and identities he could use instead of Spider-Man, since the police and media are so biased against him. The principle asks Peter to show Carter Torino, who is enrolling at Midtown High, around the school. Peter is nervous, aware of his family's connections, but finds that he is a very nice kid. They go to a martial arts demonstration featuring Shang Chi, where Midnight and a band of ninjas attack. Pete turns into Spider-Man and helps Shang-Chi defeat them. Shang Chi gives him a left-handed compliment, saying that "with years of training, you might become a decent fighter." Shang Chi then notices the dog, and just happens to know its owner, so everything turns out well.

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