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Spider-Man takes the wheel in order to solve a huge crime wave of armoured car robberies. But will New York survive his driving, and will HE survive the secret behind the robberies, and the deadly illusions of... Mysterio?

Spidey swings in to police headquarters to see Captain Stacy, who called him in to talk about Mysterio. Mysterio has been robbing armored cars. Stacy also mentions that Gwen and Carter Torino, whom we have not seen together in a while, broke up.

Spidey and Stacy plan to drive one of the armored cars as bait for Mysterio. Pete first has to learn to drive one, which does not work out smoothly. However, they eventually drive off. Stacy describes how they are unsure how Mysterio is pulling off the robberies, since they had an outside company check the cars out for safety. Pete suddenly realizes that the outside company is actually the ones who did it--they planted Mysterio's gas in the car. It goes off, and they breathe some of the gas before they get out.

They both start hallucinating as some of Mysterio's thugs approach. Stacy sees giant images of Gwen and Carter together, and Pete sees a variety of super villains, including Galactus! Knowing that they're just illusions, however, Pete just jumps in and starts swinging. To Stacy, it looks like Spider-Man is knocking out multiple versions of Gwen, and he can't join in. From Spidey's point of view, the bad guys keep switching from ninjas to robots to zombies, but he keeps on fighting.

Then Mysterio unwittingly releases their secret plan: when he opens the armored car door, a horde of people dressed up in Spidey costumes rush out, making the fight even more confusing. Now Mysterio doesn't know who to fight either. Eventually, Spidey manages to knock out Mysterio.

Captain Stacy feels bad about not joining in the fight, but Pete understands how hard it must be to be a parent. Stacy realizes that part of being a parent is trusting Gwen, and letting her make her own decisions.



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For those of you who do not know from my review of the first issue of this series, in this universe of Spiderman's early days Peter Parker's life is different. He has not met MJ yet, dated Gwen for a small while, and is now dating Chat, a girl who can talk to animals. Captain Stacy is younger and knows peter is Spiderman and allies himself with him. Now, lets get to the review! The Plot: The issue begins with Spiderman swinging into Captain George Stacy's office. George is there to talk about ho...

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