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It's been's been bubbling over…and now the war between Spider-Man and the Torino crime family explodes! It's an all-out battle on the streets of New York, and it won't be without a long term casualty in Peter's love life... and quite possibly a short and immediate effect on his life span!

Captain Stacy visits Berto Torino, head of the Torino crime family, one of the biggest in the city, and one of Spider-Man's arch enemies. Berto wonders what could possibly have brought him into the "lion's den" alone. Stacy replies that he and Spider-Man have decided that today is Berto's last day as head of the Torinos. Berto is nonplussed, to say the least.

He gets a call, saying that Spider-Man attacked one of his criminal enterprises. But, the caller explains, they managed to hi him with a baseball bat and Spider-Man ran out without the evidence he was looking for. Berto is glad, and calls several more of his flunkies to let them know Spider-an is on the way.

Captain Stacy seems unworried. He starts to talk about the situation between Carter Torino and Gwen Stacy when Berto gets another call. Spider-Man attacked another Torino site, but Tombstone beat him up and he got away. Despite hearing the call, Stacy is still confident in their plans.

Yet another call comes in. This time, not only Spidey, but also Blonde Phantom and Chat (and a bunch of animals) attack a Torino hideout. They managed to get ahold of Chat, however, and used her as a hostage to force the others to leave. They still have her.

Berto calls in some of his heavies, and threatens Stacy, when his phone rings yet again. Blonde Phantom and Spidey jumped some criminals, and this time they actually put Spidey on the phone--he says he's coming for Berto when he's hit by a car. The flunky says they have him right outside.

Berto opens the window to look, and Spidey peeks his head in. The Blond Phantom, Silencer, and Chat (wearing a basic domino mask) come in through the door with more police. It turns out that they had been tracking his calls, and used them to find out where all his operations were. The criminals who called in were all mind-controlled by Emma Frost, the Silencer, to tell Berto that things were going well for the Torinos. In fact, Captain Stacy had been there in the office as a distraction while the Spidey-led team collected tons of evidence.

Captain Stacy leads Berto off in handcuffs, wrapping up a major arc in the series.

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