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The Big Payoff!

Well, it seems the Avengers have gotten themselves into a little trouble with the IRS.  I thought to myself... now how can this be interesting for a young person to read about... like they know or even care about taxes.  Well, they make a deal with the IRS agent that if they can get certain people (bad guys) to pay their taxes, there will be no reason for some of the Avengers to reveal their secret identity to the IRS.
We end up with a lot of short little action sequences with the avengers trying to get some folks to pay up.  They are all fun little sequences and don't feel too disjointed.  My son and I were just a little confused over the little diatribe of Oog going on about paying his taxes because he has not representation.  It seemed a little off to me.  
We both liked the action in this issue but felt it really lacked some of the humor that we like in this series.  There wasn't much for comic relief here.  The characters that usually supply that don't give it to us.  Spidey is in this deep theological discussion with Oog about why he should be paying his taxes and Hulk is not involved enough.  Hulk does give us a few chuckles as he's trying to figure out how to find the other Avengers using directions from Luke.  Good for a chuckle.
My son rated it a 4... although I don't think I would have been as generous.  Just was missing that humor we like and the IRS isn't a fun topic (as far as I'm concerned!)

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