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Good Things Come..

The Avengers are in California and trying to enjoy a day at the beach.  Well, most of the group is trying to enjoy a day at the beach... some of the members don't like water that much.  
Once again, Hulk just steals the show for my son.  His antics just crack up my son.  Of course, Hulk isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and when he sees somebody buried in the sand he thinks that person needs rescuing.  These things just crack up my son.
Iron Man and Luke Cage decide to have a little fishing contest.  Well, as two guys that don't like to lose, they get a little carried away and push the envelope of fair play.  Great opportunity to chat with my son about that.  Why is is a bad thing that Tony is trying to attrack fish with science?   Is it fair for Luke to offer money to the boat captain for a fish already caught?  Some good life lesson here to talk about.  Then, all this goofing around by these two causes Namor to get his speedo tied up in knots.  We have an all out, knock down, drag out fight between the Sub-Mariner and the Avengers.  My son actually got a kick out of Tigra this time.  Her fear of the water was good for a few chuckles.  Hey, did Spidey just jump the shark???
The ending is a great opportunity for another lesson with the kids.  Iron Man takes it upon himself to apologize to Namor for what has happened.  When you are in the wrong, you need to accept responsibility for what you did.  
Once again, great fun writing and actually giving me some good life lesson to discuss with my son.  Great job.
He rated this on a 4.

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