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    Alien race dedicated to improving the cultures of the universe--or destroying their worlds if they are not up to the Monitors' standards.

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    The Marvanites, or Monitors, are an ancient alien race. They are all very tall and have great personal powers. They are motivated by a group mission.

    They reached a highly civilized state of culture before life on Earth began. Believing that their culture had reached perfection, their King Suzerain declared that they should now help other worlds reach their level of attainment. They approached this mission with religious zeal.

    When they visited a world, they studied it to see if it would be possible for them to help that world reach their same level of perfection. If it didn’t have that potential, they would destroy it. Over sixty thousand of years, they found no worlds that lived up to their standards, and thus destroyed them all, using their advanced technology.

    They enslaved a series of powerful robots to power their ships as they traveled.

    Major Story Arcs

    When they visited Earth, they studied it and found it lacking. However, one Monitor, seeing the problems with his race’s philosophy, freed one of the robots, who in turn freed two others. They teamed up with the Thing and Nova and stopped the Monitors from destroying Earth.

    The free-thinking Monitor and the robots returned to the Monitors’ homeworld to convince them to stop their crusade.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Monitors were extremely strong and durable, as would be expected of their size. For instance they were able to knock down apartment buildings with a blow, and to ignore strikes from the Thing, or from Nova ramming into them. However, when hit by a significant-enough force, such as a speeding subway train, they may disintegrate into nothingness.

    They can also move extremely quickly.

    The Monitors were capable of projecting powerful concussive and heat energy blasts, capable of destroying their robots slaves. They could also shoot blasts that seemingly only caused pain to their targets, without destruction.

    The Monitors could teleport others across short (within the same city) or long (across vast interstellar space) distances by hitting them with their eye beams.

    They often use their energy blasts to knock their enemies physically away from them at great speed, or to teleport them away.

    The Monitors have developed highly advanced technology, which is capable of enslaving powerful robots, cloaking a share ship from detection, or of destroying a planet. Given their track record of successfully destroying every planet they visited over sixty thousand of years, their technology and powers are clearly very formidable en masse.


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