Marva Psycho

    Character » Marva Psycho appears in 16 issues.

    The ex-wife of Doctor Psycho, she was used as a medium for him to use his telepathic abilities.

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    Marva Psycho was Doctor Psycho's ex-wife.  He convinced her to marry him after he murdered her first fiance.  She was valuable to Doctor Psycho because of her ability to act as a medium for his psychic powers, enabling him to create ectoplasmic constructs.  She was eventually rescued by Wonder Woman.  Later, she joined the Army, and once again aided Wonder Woman against enemy forces.


    Marva Psycho, in this continuity, was once again Doctor Psycho's wife.  However, he used his powers to pose as a handsome man, seducing Marva.  Eventually, Marva committed suicide by stepping in front of a car, though it was implied as being Doctor Psycho's doing.

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