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Born and raised in Hill Valley, California. He is the son of Lorraine and George McFly. He has an older brother and an older sister, Dave and Linda. Marty is dating Jenifer. He enjoys skateboarding and plays the guitar in his band, The Pinheads.

He is in many ways a normal kid, dealing with the same anxieties that many teenagers face, peer pressure and self doubt are two of Marty's greatest challenges.

He first traveled back in time in 1985, after he witnessed Doc Brown's death at the hand of a group of Libyan terrorists. Marty traveled back to 1955. While there he inadvertently endangered his own existence by preventing the chance encounter between his parents that would lead to them falling in love and getting married. However, he rectified the situation and in the process made a better 1985 for him and his family.

He has also traveled to 2015, to see his own potential future.

He has also been to 1885 to see the beginnings of his family in America and the birth of Hill Valley.

He is often coerced into doing stupid things, as a result of being taunted and called a chicken. In one possible future which was averted, Marty could have taken part in a drag race and crashed his car into a Rolls Royce and in the process broken his hand, thus ending his music career.

He was portrayed in the movie trilogy by Michael J. Fox.


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