Martin Strong

    Character » Martin Strong appears in 11 issues.

    A genius, though severely deformed, mutant.

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    Martin Henry Strong, owner of Strong Industries, is a deformed mutant.  He has fins for hands and feet.  To hide his form he constructed a bio-body with extreme strength.  He was bent on finding a cure for his mutant curse and applied his vast wealth for any shred of hope that he could have a regular form.


    Strong was conceived by Fabian Nicieza and Tony Daniel for an X-Force annual.

    Major Story Arcs

    As part of his operations, Strong hires Neurotap and Adam X (X-Treme) to hunt down mutants so as to do experiments on them.  His power over Neurotap is centered on his promise to help her family out financially.  For Adam X, he simply promises to tell the boy where he is from and what he is doing on earth.  In the meantime, they were to continue hunting mutants.  X-Force gets wind of Strong's operations and joins with Adam X to take him down.  They destroy Strong's bio-body to find the finned man inside.
    This trashing of Strong's facility does not stop the man's search for a cure.  He still operates his vast research empire and is seen floating in a tank at Hannigan Electronics, a division of Strong Industries.


    Shriveled, semi-amphibious body with genius intelligence and the ability to forge a sympathetic symbiosis with other sentient, organic forms

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