Martin Lodewijk

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    Martin Lodewijk is a Dutch comic book artist and writer, he's famous for his saying 'I don't want to die as a simple advertisement artist, i want to die as a comic book artist'

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    Before Martin reached the age of 20 he had already published several stories. At the age of 16 he sold his first comic book story which unfortunately was never published. He wrote several comic books but ultimately decides to go working in advertising but he always remained active in the comic book world. At his later years he co-founded Eppo but also remained working in the advertisment world. Later in life he would turn his attention back to comic book stating that he didn't want to die as an advertisment artist, but that he wanted to die as a comic book artist.

    Personal life

    Martin Lodewijk was born in 1939 in  Rotterdam but due to his problems with Bronchitis at a young age he was forced to stay home a lot. But all was not lost as he discovered his love for drawing during this time. A passion that never went away.  A highpoint in his life was when he was knighted by the Dutch queen.

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