How strong is he exactly?

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I've read a ton of JLA comics and all that stuff, I'm not new to DC at all but something that has always confused me was the strength of J'onn. Some writers depict him as stronger than superman, some see him as equal, and some depict him as strong but weak against just about everything (or so it seems)....etcetc.

It's one thing to say he's one of, if not thee, strongest in the League but when it comes down to it he always gets pummeled.

So how strong is he exactly?

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I heard he's as strong as superman but with the new 52 that's probably changed (I think).

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I don't think they ll be writing him as strong as superman here in the new 52. Post flashpoint however he was considered to have superman level strength.

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As strong as Superman.

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As strong as the writers want him to be

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Pre-Flashpoint he was on Superman's level

With the New 52, we have no way of telling.

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: Aactually No!

The Martian Manhunter was always bit stronger then superman. With All the abilities of superman plus

Ghosting through walls


Shape Changing

But for some reason writers have been making him weaker or the same level when there is not much need for it

As the Martian Man Hunter can be killed with a hot poker, a flame thrower, or by a bunch of normal people standing around him with burning bit's of paper

Fire used to be a real problem for him now

the writers might ass well just create new characters then write for old if their going to keep screwing around with them, it's why I stopped reading, when i was a little kid, I think they make a habit of to many reboots & character changing

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I lied, Martian Manhunter can merge with planets(and exponentially increase his strength, equivalent to a kryptonian getting sundipped).

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