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Aliens,Justice and Biscuits

Martian Manhunter is a book about aliens,as you might have suspected...It's about an Invasion,it's about Humanity,it's about trust,Finding a purpose and...Mr.Biscuits...

The book starts where the last one finished,The Epiphany that was coming,Has begun.The White Martians started their plan to take over the planet,but they need their weapon,this weapon is J'onn J'onzz...The book is about to reveal his secrets,secrets that were secretive even for himself,yes,he did not knew that the White Martians were alive,thus it's was a shock for him...An Epiphany...

In this book the Justice League has a confrontation with the Martian Manhunter,J'onn showing off his Shape Shifting abilities is amazing,and it's funny when you understand what really is happening...The fact is J'onn wants to die,but the Justice League can't let him die,not until they find out what is happening...

Some of the new characters had some light in this book too,their connection with the MM is starting to appear,but yet,a mistery...We have "Pearl" a young thief that saw an White Martian kill a man,and for that she is in danger,and we also have the amazingly creepy Mr.Biscuits,wow,this guy is big,and is more odd than J'onn himself!He is funny and very strange,it isn't clear of what he truly is,but he,It,cleary has a conection with the invasion...

Rob Willians is doing a good job building an intereasting story arc,presenting new characters and he's also bringing the old J'onn back...If you read the Martian Manhunter in the old New 52,at Geoff Jhons hands for example,you remember that this J'onn is more agressive,he's cold and less polite...But seeing J'onn asking for apologies after reading someones mind brought me a smile!

The art of the book is amazing,Eddy Barrows again did a great job,he kept the darker tone of the last book,and still,Mr.Biscuits is awesome to see!

So,Martian Manhunter #2 is a great book,is intriguing and beautiful,and if you think that A White Martian Invasion isn't new,this time it has a different feeling...J'onn is responsible for it too,he wants to die for that,I want to know why and how!!!

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