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J'onn J'onzz and an alien princess are held captive in Part 3 of the 4-part "Rings of Saturn!" Battle-scarred with no defenses and no ability to maneuver, the pirate ship J'onn and Cha'rissa are on is about to be blasted into atoms by the Saturnians! Even if the Martian Manhunter is able to get out of this one, J'onn must still confront the mystery and menace that is...Cabal!

Placed in great danger aboard the targeted pirate vessel Kharma, J'onn decides to link up with the system's techno-organic control system. Through this link, he is able to greatly outmaneuver the white fleet, likening the experience to playing a video game. When the Kharma was given leeway, J'onn focused his psychic energy to disrupt the telepathic blocks within the white fleet, identifying himself as J'onn J'onzz of the creators before ordering a cease-fire.

Commander Synn boarded the Kharma and reluctantly apprehended the pirate crew (she had wanted to kill them), at the behest of Princess Cha'rissa.

When they return to the Saturn capital city Tromfar, J'onn begins his search for the mysterious enemy Cabal, while Cha'rissa must put aside her feelings for the Martian and reunite with Prince Jemm.

J'onn interrogates Captain Destiny in private to learn that Destiny was given detailed instructions on how to cripple the Va'jacoth. This information, unfortunately is enough to get Destiny killed, but J'onn, nonetheless, has a plan.

A council meeting is held to address the accusations from both red and white Saturnians of an ongoing conspiracy to assassinate the Royal Couple. When the suspicion shifts to J'onn for keeping the pirate crew alive, he makes his own appearance to announce that his questioning has led him to believe that "Cabal" is a meld of more than one being, and likely those Saturnians are present within the council. Further questioning, he reasons, will lead him to identifying the council members. Balik asks him how he can be trusted, as even through a telepathic link, J'onn's mind is stronger and capable of presenting falsehood to a Saturnian. J'onn only replies that his word will just have to do for now.

In Captain Destiny's prison cell, he is approached by the Cabal entity. Just before Cabal is going to kill him, "Captain Destiny" reveals himself to be J'onn in disguise. J'onn, believing he has lured Cabal into his trap, is met with a despairing fact that his powers are overmatched by the combination of the Saturnian minds and bodies. Cabal intends to put an end to the last of the "makers", and has J'onn phase into a series of pipes as a means of escape. Cabal psychically blocks J'onn's powers, causing him to be stuck in a multitude of piping. It joyfully proclaims that J'onn will eventually die, as will Jemm and Cha'rissa, putting an end to the treaty at last.



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Like playing a game 0

Another issue with a mixed bag of things going on.  First of all J'onn takes control of the powerless spaceship, melding his mind with the techno-organic console and flying the ship as though he were playing a video game.   After saving the ship he and the others are taken to Saturn where he attempts to determine the cause of the conspiracy against the prince and princess.  most of the rest of this issue deals with this until Cabal shows up and attacks.  The rest turns into a battle sequence an...

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