Martian Manhunter #14

    Martian Manhunter » Martian Manhunter #14 - Rings of Saturn: Part Two released by DC Comics on January 2000.

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    J'onn J'onzz and an alien princess are held captive in Part 2 of the 4-part "Rings of Saturn!" The Martian Manhunter and Princess Cha'rissa have been made prisoners of the space pirates led by the notorious Captain Destiny. Even if they can avoid immediate execution, can they protect themselves from being accidentally killed by those who have come to rescue them?

    Imprisoned aboard the pirate vessel Kharma, J'onn manipulates Captain Destiny into sparing the starship Va'Jacoth through the use of his powers. J'onn discovers that Captain Destiny was hired to capture Prince Jemm and Princess Cha'rissa by a being who goes by the name "Cabal". When his absence is implicated, J'onn races back to the prison cell to maintain the charade, while Cha'rissa "delays" the guards with a vigorous beating. Captain Destiny is convinced that his prisoners are secure and leaves the two alone once more. Cha'rissa, stunned in the skirmish, collapses in J'onn's arms.

    Meanwhile, within the capital city of Tromfar on Saturn, a meeting is held to address the Royal Couple's ransom. Attending are red Saturnians Prime Minister Dall, Jogarr and Zuhl, and white Saturnians Queen Tareesha, Johm, and Balik. They reject the idea of paying a ransom, but convene with the order to send Commander Synn, the leader of the white fleet, and Commander Jogarr of the red fleet, to intercept the pirate vessel.

    Back on the Kharma, J'onn and Cha'rissa blend and unite (make love). Through their union, J'onn comes to the understanding that Cha'rissa's father, Jacoth, was assassinated for initiating the peace treaty between the red and white Saturnians. She carries on his commitment to peace.

    Aboard the white flagship, Commander Synn recieves the report and gives the order to engage without the assistance of Commander Jogarr, declaring that she waits for NO ONE.

    On the Va'Jacoth, Jemm is stirred awake by the dangerous hate festering within a white would-be assassin. He is saved by Captain Khaar, who takes the attempt on Jemm's life as a probable conspiracy. Interestingly, Prime Minister Dall encourages Jemm not to trust Khaar, as he was at the ready, perhaps to aid the assassin.

    Back aboard the Kharma, J'onn is caught on the bridge, posing as Captain Destiny. Destiny shoots at J'onn, but instead destroys the tactical and navigational controls situated behind him. At this moment, Commander Synn closes in on the Kharma, sending out a hail declaring that they will be executed for the murders of Cha'rissa and Jemm. An officer aboard the Kharma informs Destiny that the controls are offline, and the white fleet isn't answering any of their hails. J'onn adds also that they aren't responding telepathically either.

    Commander Synn gives the kill order...


    In this issue, the creative team is credited with characters from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace featured in their names (eg: Obi-John Ostrander, Qui-Tom Mandrake, Bill Bill Oakley, etc). This is an obvious tribute to the Star Wars film, which was released a few months beforehand. Indeed, one of the pirates from the Kharma's galley speaks in the same manner as Jar Jar Binks, and Cabal communicates with Captain Destiny through a holographic projection similar to Darth Sidious.



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    This issue has a lot of fun moments in it as well as some depth.  Its starts with J'onn using telepathy on Captain Destiny to save his and Cha'rissa's lives.  After doing so he goes on a patrol of the ship in intangible and invisible form at one point causing a brawl on the galley and in another influencing Destiny's mind again.  After returning to his cell, he discovers Cha'rissa has been defending it to mask his absence.   When they are once again let alone they succumb to their attraction to...

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