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The Martian Manhunter tells Superman of the death of Mars and how he came to Earth.

Before leaving on a pilgrimage to Mars, J'onn recounts to Superman the last days of his fellow Green Martians, his journey to Earth, and the source of his devotion to fighting crime.

He explains that his people, his family - were wiped out by a plague that was telepathic in origin. When the Green Martians used their telepathy, they would be consumed in flames, burning them to death. J'onn explains that his twin brother

Ma'alefa'ak, had engineered the plague to wipe out his own race, as he was without telepathic abilities. When the two battled, the cave they were fighting in had collapsed, and Ma'alefa'ak was presumed dead.

J'onn reminsces to Superman his loneliness and journey to madness after spending countless days, years, perhaps even centuries alone on Mars. When he was teleported to Earth by Dr Erdel, the device used had exploded, but J'onn rescued him from the flames. Although Dr Erdel had passed away, J'onn had become fascinated with the detective John Jones who had been investigating Erdel's ruined home. Through John Jones, J'onn explains, he came to enjoy much of humanity and their vast potential.

When John Jones was shot dead by his own partner, J'onn vowed to serve and protect in his place, and that identity drove him to join the Justice League.

In the present, J'onn returns to Mars for the first time to seek closure, but he is not alone.



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Pilgramage of Emotion. 0

Okay I for one really liked this issue. The art was pretty good and it was great too see what Martian Culture was like before J'ohnn became the last of them. You can clearly feel the emotions that he was feeling during this. That being said if you aren't a fan of the Martian Manhunter I'm not sure if this would make you one. The comic at time felt a bit too wordy as well. All in all a good issue that I think people should check out and decide for themselves....

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

A very well explored origin story. 0

This is probably one of the best origin stories I have ever read. The way it is presented to the reader is beautifully crafted, as it is all shown through the perspective of Martian Manhunter. As I am beginning to notice, Martian Manhunter comics have really great narration, this is a very strong point of this particular issue. I really liked the art, it completely succeeded in capturing the essence and feeling of the way the writer wants you to perceive Mars, which just goes to show how much...

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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