Martian Man

    Character » Martian Man appears in 29 issues.

    Martian Man was a member of the original Guardians of the Globe. He possessed shapeshifting abilities.

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    Tired of his race's isolation, the being that became known as Martian Man, fled to Earth in the 1970s and took on the identity of a super hero. The public believed for years that Martian Man was really just a super powered human trying to conceal his true identity from the public through the guise of a martian. After years of surface, Martian Man joined the Guardians of the Globe but was later killed by Omni-Man when he killed off the team. Shapesmith is the inheritor of his position on the team.

    Powers & Abilities

    Not much is known about his powers, but he was known to be able to fly past atmospheric levels, and shape-shift into various forms, much like Martian Manhunter. It is also inferred that he has some form of super-strength.


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