Martha Root

    Character » Martha Root appears in 2 issues.

    The wife of Sheriff Hugo Root and mother of Arseface.

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    Like many other women in the world, Martha Root had managed to find herself in a deplorable life. Her husband was the sheriff of their small Texas town, who was more feared than respected and took to beating their teenage son over the smallest of infractions. In addition, Sheriff Root often drank himself unconscious in the back yard, shotgun by his side, looking out for "Martian niggers."

    Her son was a failure in nearly every way - he had terrible grades at school, no accomplishments to speak of, his best friend was a complete stoner, and he was probably on drugs.

    Neither of these people gave any consideration to Martha. Her role as wife and mother was constantly overlooked, and the only solace she found was in alcohol and Valium. Her friends, her minister, everyone simply said to trust in Jesus and get by. Not "get better," just "get by."

    After her son disfigured himself in a botched suicide attempt, Martha came to a realization. She had wasted twenty years of her life on her cruel husband and their idiot son, and it was time to go. She trashed her pills, her booze and her Bible, and left the house forever.

    Her current whereabouts are unknown.


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