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    A medical student from the early 21st Century, Martha Jones becomes a companion of The Doctor while harboring unrequited romantic feelings for him. After she left The Doctor she became a fully qualified doctor and an integral member of UNIT.

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    A bright medical student, Martha Jones was training to be a doctor at London's Royal Hope Hospital. Although she was happy, her family was not. Her parents (Francine & Clive) were divorcing, and her father had a new girlfriend, Annalise, who had very little brains and a shop-a-holic addiction. Her brother Leo had grown into a family man, while Tish, her sister, believed money would make her happy. Martha became the epicenter of her family's complaints as Annalise was due to attend Leo's birthday party later that day. However, Martha's life completely changed on the day of her brother's birthday.

    While walking through Chancellor Street she was accosted in the street by an eccentric man in a pin-stripe suit who removed his tie and walked away. She later encountered him again, but this time as a patient, Mr John Smith. He had absolutely no recollection of their meeting earlier, and even more puzzling when Martha took his pulse he appeared to have two heartbeats. However, the schedule of a medical student didn't allow for time to solve mysteries, and she went on with her day. Everything was normal until the heavy rain outside starting falling upwards, the building shook and the day turned instantly to night.

    Smith & Jones

    Chaos broke out in the hospital as the staff and patients realized that they had been transported to the moon. Amid all the panic, screaming and running around Martha rationalized that the building couldn't be air-tight & therefore there was some sort of air supply. Suddenly, the mysterious John Smith appeared, applauded her reasoning and introduced himself as The Doctor. Together they ventured onto the balcony in the Patient's Lounge and discovered that the hospital was surrounded by a force field keeping the air in a bubble; meaning that it would soon run out. As Martha took in the beauty of the moon, they observed strange alien space ships landing and lines of aliens marching towards the Hospital.

    Martha Views The Moon
    Martha Views The Moon

    The Judoon are an alien race of intergalactic police for hire. The enormous rhinoceros-humanoids scoured the hospital, analyzing every inhabitant searching for an alien. Martha doubted that The Doctor was an alien, but joined him as he ran through the hospital looking for the suspect. Knowing that the Judoon would arrest him as the alien criminal, he would have to find the suspect first and asked about any strange patients who would likely be the Judoon's suspect. Martha ran to find the head physician for more information, but instead found one of the patients drinking his blood with a plastic straw. Miss Florence Finnigan looked like a doddery old lady, but was in fact a Plasmavore who changed her biology according to the blood of the race she consumed. Therefore, after consuming the lifeblood of Mr Stoker, Florence would be identified as a human by the Judoon.

    After inspecting the remains of Mr Stoker's body, Martha took a moment to close her deceased mentor's eyes. The Doctor reasoned that Florence, the Plasmavore, would use the Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner to destroy the hospital, the moon, and the moon-facing side of planet Earth. Needing to stall both the Plasmavore and the Judoon, he planted some of his alien DNA on Martha by kissing her. She didn't realise that the kiss was actually a genetic transfer, and that when the Judoon scanned Martha the alien DNA would register along with her own, allowing The Doctor time to find Florence and fool her into draining his blood. After her scan revealed that she was 100% human, the Judoon paid Martha as compensation for the false accusation of being an alien. She then led them to the MRI scanning room where The Doctor lay unconscious on the floor. Realizing that he had sacrificed his own blood to uncover Florence the Plasmavore, Martha insisted that the Judoon scan her again. However, when the Judoon arrested Florence for the murder of a princess on Patroval Regency 9, they abandoned the hospital with the MRI scanner ready to explode.

    Genetic Transfer
    Genetic Transfer

    As the last of the air began to run out in the hospital, Martha gave the last air in her lungs to resuscitate The Doctor. Remembering his two hearts, she pounded on both sides of his chest and fell unconscious as he woke up. She had saved The Doctor in time to stop the machine from overloading, and therefore saved billions of lives.

    The Judoon eventually returned Royal Hope Hospital back to it's original location in the heart of London. Martha's life returned to normal shockingly fast. She attended her brother's birthday party, and was left standing in the street while the rest of her family argued over the behaviour her father's new girlfriend. She then noticed The Doctor, across the street, waiting for her.

    Following him into a side-alley, he made her an offer: one trip in his 'spaceship' as a 'thank you' for her help earlier. Martha was conscientious that space travel took time, and that she had to pay her rent in the morning. She was finally persuaded to join The Doctor for 'one trip' when she discovered that the TARDIS was a time-machine as well. Upon entering the TARDIS, and after getting over the initial shock of it being larger on the inside than on the outside, Martha attempted to flirt with The Doctor. However, she was immediately shot down, being told that she was not a replacement for his previous companion, and that the kiss was only a genetic transfer. With the ground rules laid down, they set off on Martha's first adventure through time.

    Dark Lady

    Martha made her mark in history during her first adventure through time. Standing in Elizabethan England her first thoughts were that they should change, to blend in with the crowd. That it might not be safe, hinting at attitudes towards black people at a time when slavery was still acceptable. She was also concerned about creating paradoxes, such as being her own descendant or accidentally killing her own ancestors. Her worries are dismissed by The Doctor who advises her just to walk around as normal. They enjoy a walk through the ancient streets of London to The Globe theater and attend a performance of Shakespeare's play, Love's Labour Lost. Martha rouses the crowd chanting, 'Author!' and to their delight William Shakespeare appears on stage and announces his sequel Love's Labour Won. Martha quizzed The Doctor over the play she'd never heard of, and so they go to investigate. Backstage Shakespeare refused entrance to The Doctor as he wasn't in the mood to deal with fans, but he immediately changed his mind when he first saw Martha.

    The Shakespearian
    The Shakespearian "Dark Lady"

    Smitten by Martha's exotic looks and tight-fitting clothes, Shakespeare attempted to woo Martha by referring to her as 'blackamoor lady' and 'Queen of Afric'. Initially offended by what she thought were racist remarks, Martha was calmed by The Doctor who claims that she was from the land "Freedonia".

    When The Doctor and Martha take a local room to stay in overnight, she grew increasingly frustrated with him. They were to share the same bed, but all he could so was talk about how fantastic Rose was, and that Rose would have figured it all out already. The night was interrupted by the landlady's dying screams and Martha observed a witch flying away on a broomstick, which The Doctor refused to believe. The Doctor discovered a plot from an alien race of women known as the Carrionites, who were using Shakespeare's lyrical properties in Love's Labours Won to bring the rest of their race to Earth. Upon discovering this, one of the Carrionites appeared and The Doctor managed to scare her off by saying her name. A trick that did not work a second time when Martha tried it later on.

    The Doctor faced the Carrionites a second time, but having obtained a lock of his they were able to perform voodoo-doll-like black magic upon him. By plunging a pin into the doll they managed to stop one of The Doctor's hearts, and it was only due to Martha's medical training that she was able to re-start his second heart. They raced to The Globe where Shakespeare had failed to stop the performance. They took over the stage and had Shakespeare improvise new lines with the intention to banish the witch-like aliens. He fell short of one word, which Martha provided: Expelliarmus.

    After the chaos form the 'performance' of Love's Labours Won, Shakespeare attempted to woo Martha once more. He had accurately observed that Martha was from the future, and that she would never win The Doctor's heart. He would have been successful in stealing a kiss from Martha, if it wasn't for Elizabethan standards of hygiene giving him a terrible case of halitosis. As they leave, it becomes apparent that Martha is Shakespeare's infamous & mysterious Dark Lady, to whom he dedicated many lustful sonnets. As they depart Shakespeare begins to write ' Shall I Compare Thee To A Summers Day' for Martha.


    Martha's 'one trip' was extended when The Doctor's Psychic Paper receives a message from the Face of Boe. Martha's first view of the future was in a dirty back street in New New York. Green huts that resemble fast food stalls suddenly opened up selling different 'moods'. Small transparent stickers with the green crescent medical emblem which induce different moods to cope with "The Motorway". Both The Doctor & Martha were appalled to see a girl forget her parents who had been on the Motorway for several years. Just as they were about to investigate further Martha was suddenly kidnapped at gun point.

    Moods For Sale
    Moods For Sale

    When Martha woke she found herself in the back of some sort of vehicle with her captors driving. They had already accessed the Motorway, and were deeply stuck in gridlocked traffic on all sides. Milo and Cheen introduced themselves and immediately apologized for taking Martha. They explained that since Cheen was pregnant they wanted access to 'The Fast Lane' of the Motorway, but this was not possible without a third adult in the vehicle. Martha was temporarily re-assured when they said that they would drop her off at the junction in 10 miles. However, she began to freak out when she discovered that the 10 mile journey would take six years.

    While waiting for The Doctor to rescue her, Martha began to bond with her captors. She disapproved of Cheen using Mood patches without knowing what possible effect it could have on her unborn baby. She also questioned them about the Fast Lane and why nobody was ever heard from again. Eventually they accessed the Fast Lane to discover that it was a dark and intimidating place. It wasn't long before they heard loud crunching noises, and were being attacked by an unseen outside force. Unknown to Martha and her companions, the Macra are a giant crab-like race of aliens who had devolved to a basic sentient existence. The giant crabs had settled along the bottom of the fast lane, where they would reach for and attack anything that moved over head; in other words, any passing traffic in the Fast Lane. Martha quickly realized that the Macra were attracted to the light and movement of the vehicle and finally convinced Milo to stop and turn all the power off. Sat in the eerie dark silence, a message came over the radio for everyone to fly their vehicles up and out of the motorway, as The Doctor and the Face of Boe had freed all of the trapped citizens. Milo steered up and out of the Motorway, and Martha was soon re-united with The Doctor.

    Martha was introduced to the Face of Boe, just as he was dying. She was witness to his last words to The Doctor: You are not alone. Before they left New New York, Martha asked what it all meant. She pressed The Doctor into revealing everything about Gallifrey and the Time Lords, including how he was the last of his race after a conflict against the Daleks.

    Slums & Sewers

    From New New York to New York, Martha's one-time trip with The Doctor was extended once more. Arriving in New York to see the Empire State Building near completion, the Doctor & Martha stumbled across a mystery of missing people from the slums of Hooverville. While helping to uncover what few facts there were, Martha attended to the medical problems of the homeless people living in the Central Park encampment. It seemed that when Mr Diagoras came to Hooverville looking for cheap labour, the men who volunteered didn't always return. So when Mr Diagoras appeared both The Doctor and Martha volunteered.

    Exit Stage Left: Martha Pursues A Pig-Slave
    Exit Stage Left: Martha Pursues A Pig-Slave

    They were sent down into the sewers of Manhattan where they discovered a strange jellied substance. They were soon interrupted by strange human beings that resembles pigs, who chased them through the tunnels. Escaping up a nearby ladder, they emerged in a local theater where one of the show-girls was pointing a gun at them. They soon discovered that Tallulah the show-girl had mysterious lost her lover, Laszlo. The Doctor constructed a basic matter analyzing machine while Martha watched Tallulah's performance from side-stage. While there, Martha spotted another of the pig-creatures on the other side of the stage and weaved her way through the glamorous dancing girls on stage to chase it. However, instead of catching the pig-man, it was Martha who was kidnapped.

    Taken back through the sewers to a secret chamber below the Empire State Building, Martha encountered the Daleks for the first time. Dozens of human captives were probed and sifted by the Cult of Skaro according to their intelligence. Being a medical student from the early 21st Century, Martha was to be placed into stasis while the less educated humans were to be transformed into pig-slaves. The Doctor discovered the Dalek's plans to create human-Dalek hybrids, and using his sonic screwdriver on a nearby wireless, he created a diversion that allowed Martha & the others to escape.


    Martha joined the other humans in Hooverville as they tried to stave off the Dalek's attack. The Doctor handed himself over to the Daleks when they began to behave uncharacteristically thoughtful. Martha was unable to dissuade him from leaving, but he passed her his Psychic Paper before he departed. Using the Psychic Paper, she re-entered the Empire State Building and analyzed the blue-prints to the building. It was Martha who discovered the addition of three beams of Dalekanium to the building's famous mast, and she deduced that when lightning struck the mast it would transmit the Dalekanium down to the unconscious humans in the basement. While The Doctor strives to remove the Dalekanium from the mast, Martha (aided by her new friends) created a lightning conductor to run through the building and strike the pursuing pig-slaves as they exited the elevator.

    Ultimately, Martha watched as the Cult of Skaro turned on the mutated Dalek Sec. They chained him and later exterminated him. Dalek Jast and Dalek Thay were, in turn, destroyed by their new human-hybrid creations. Only Dalek Caan survived and later escaped in an Emergency Temporal Shift.

    Where The Heart Is

    Martha's "one-trip" with The Doctor had finally come to an end when the TARDIS materialized inside her flat. The Doctor was ready to leave her behind for good when her overheard the news being broadcast on her television; that a famous scientist was going to redefine what it meant to be human. Martha contacted her sister Tish, who worked for Professor Richard Lazarus, and secured a place for her and The Doctor to attend the scientific unveiling later that night.

    Black Tie, Bad Luck
    Black Tie, Bad Luck

    Leo and Tish greet Martha, but her mother Francine was deeply suspicious of The Doctor. All family interaction was put on hold as Professor Lazarus began to demonstrate his Lazarus Chamber. He stepped into the machine as an elderly man, but emerged youthful and reinvigorated. This alarmed both Martha and The Doctor who went off to investigate. They discovered the emaciated corpse of Lady Thaw, Lazarus' financial backer. They soon discover that Lady Thaw had been victim to Lazarus, who had begun to mutate into a gigantic hideous life-draining monster.

    The security systems of the building locked down, trapping everyone inside, including Martha's family. The Doctor ran around the deserted floors distracting the monstrously transformed Professor Lazarus, while Martha & Tish struggle with the Sonic Screwdriver to bypass the security systems and free everyone. Although it appeared that Lazarus had been defeated, he rose again and sought sanctuary in Southwark Catherdral. However, in there he began to chase Martha & Tish up the cold stone stairs of the bell tower, while The Doctor performed on the pipe organ at it's maximum volume. The sound produced and echoing around inside the bell tower caused Lazarus' DNA to destabilise, and he plummeted to his death.

    Returning to Martha's flat, The Doctor offered her another 'one-trip' in the TARDIS. However, she surprised him by rejecting the offer, and then stated that she didn't want to be 'just a passenger' any longer. He agreed to let Martha accompany him on her terms; as a permanent companion. He admitted that she was never just a passenger'.

    Out Of This World
    Out Of This World

    As the TARDIS departed Martha's flat, they missed the answer-machine recording of Francine warning Martha to avoid The Doctor. Somehow, Martha's mother claimed to have knowledge of how dangerous The Doctor was from Prime Ministerial candidate, Mr Saxon.

    Life, The Universe and Everything

    Martha's next adventure was aboard the SS Pentallion, a mining space craft that appeared to be drawn towards to local star. The Doctor adapted Martha's mobile phone for "Universal Roaming", to allow her to receive and make telephone calls anywhere in the universe at any time. However, despite the fantastic new changes to her phone, both of them were immediately cut-off from the TARDIS. They were trapped in space, inside a spaceship that was extremely hot as it approached closer to the star. The ship's captain, McDonnell, informed that that she had 42 minutes to restart the ship's engines and save her crew. However, a series of 30 deadlocked doors posed a variety of pub-quiz style questions before they would allow entrance. Martha teamed-up with Riley, one of the crew, to open the deadlocked doors using Martha's Universal Roaming phone to call for help with the more tricky questions. Meanwhile, The Doctor attempted to cure Korwin McDonnell (the captain's husband) & Ashton from a mysterious murderous illness that would incinerate other crew members.

    Martha & Riley came into contact with Ashton, and immediately fled. Hiding inside a space-pod, they were then launched into space. Hurtling through space towards the sun below them, Martha made (what she made was) one last telephone call to her mother back in the 21st Century. Martha apologises for her behaviour on the telephone earlier, but hangs up on Francine when she begins to press Martha about The Doctor. Gradually Martha and Riley were saved by The Doctor who donned a spacesuit to pull the pod back to the Pentallion.

    However, The Doctor had become infected like Korwin & Ashton. He managed to retain his own consciousness long enough to deduct that the star was a sentient being, which Captain McDonnell confirmed by admitting that they had been mining this living star. The Doctor ordered that all the fuel that had been mined from the star should be ejected into space, and began to succumb to the infection. Martha raced across the Pentallion to inform the crew and convince them to dump everything into space. Thanks to her actions, the star reabsorbed it's fuel and The Doctor regained consciousness.

    Reunited with the TARDIS, Martha spoke with Riley. He accepted that she wouldn't love him the way that she loved The Doctor, but reminded him that unlike The Doctor he would love Martha in return. Martha made another call to her mother who reminded her that it was Election Day back on Earth, and the two agreed to meet up soon. However, Martha wasn't aware that her mother's actions were being orchestrated.

    Human Nature

    Martha's loyalty to The Doctor was put to the test when they travelled to 1913. In the year before the first World War, The Doctor was known as John Smith and was completely oblivious to his true origins from outer space. Instead, he believed that he was a teacher at Farringham School for Boys, while Martha was a maid and cleaner in the school. She would scrub the floors while the pupils of the boarding school would make racist jokes about her black skin being dirty. Yet with her 21st Century wit, Martha was not deterred and would make jokes about the pupils when they would leave. Coping with the racial inequalities of the time was relatively easy compared to her real task.

    Maid Martha
    Maid Martha

    The Doctor had changed his biological body into that of a normal human being. His two hearts were now one, while his Time Lord energies and memories were concealed inside an ornate pocket watch. He had hidden his very essence from the Family of Blood, an alien nuclear family who wanted to feast upon his life force to extend their own lives. Both The Doctor and Martha had overlooked the possibility that one of the students at Farringham would have extra-sensory perception. The Doctor had set up a Perception Filter on the pocket watch, so he (as John Smith) would not open it accidentally. However, the powerful personality concealed within the watch was secretly calling out to Timothy Latimer. Latimer was a 'fag'; a younger pupil who was used as a servant and often bullied by his older peers. Upon finding himself inside John Smith's study, he was drawn to the pocket watch which had been casually left on the mantelpiece and took it. When he briefly peeked inside the watch, the flash of light and consciousness acted as a beacon to the Family who began to circle in on John Smith.

    Martha Offers The Sonic Screwdriver
    Martha Offers The Sonic Screwdriver

    The Family possessed human bodies by eating away at the soul and using the body as a host to move around unnoticed by the local population. This way, they were able to follow John Smith and Nurse Redfern to a local church-hall tea dance where they would kill the villagers. They overheard Martha's desperate pleas for John Smith to remember the Sonic Screwdriver, and to become The Doctor once more. Knowing who they were looking for, they demanded that he co-operate with them. Scared and confused, John Smith could not co-operate, and therefore the family threatened to kill one of the two most important people to him; Nurse Redfern or Martha.

    The Family were then distracted as Timothy Latimer opened the pocket watch again, giving Martha the chance to steal one of their alien weapons. Without any signs of The Doctor within John Smith, Martha was scared and alone as she faced the Family. She held them at a stand-off long enough for the villagers to flee. Escaping with John Smith and Nurse Redfern, Martha returned to the school. John Smith readied the students for battle, while Nurse Redfern and Martha verbally sparred. The nurse doubted Martha's shocking claims that a black girl could have studied medicine, but was soon silenced when Martha correctly recited the names of all the bones in the human hand. Upon Martha's insistence, the two began to search for the missing pocket watch.

    Eventually Martha, Nurse Redfern, John Smith and Timothy Latimer found a temporary refuge in an abandoned village home. Latimer offered the pocket watch back to John Smith saying that it wanted to be returned to its rightful owner. John Smith rejected it, preferring a normal life with Nurse Redfern. Martha begged and implored him, finally professing her love for The Doctor even though she was nothing in his eyes. She admitted that she desperately wanted him back, to come and save the day, but still he rejected her. It was only after Nurse Redfern and John Smith shared glimpses of what their lives could have been like that he slowly found the courage to open the watch and defeat the Family's onslaught on the local village.

    Before departing 1913 Martha fobbed off her previous confessions of love stating that she would have said anything to bring The Doctor back. It was an awkward moment before they hugged. Before they left The Doctor passed the pocket watch (now an ordinary watch) to young Latimer as a momento, which (a year later) helped to save his life from a falling shell on the battlefield in France.

    Years later, The Doctor and Martha were spotted by Latimer. As an old pension sat in his wheelchair at a local war memorial on Remembrance Sunday in the early 21st Century he saw, Martha and The Doctor who proudly wore their red poppies to honour those who had fallen during the war.

    Trapped in Time

    Armed with bows and arrows, Martha and The Doctor leapt out of a London taxi cab to chase a migration. The Doctor explained it as 'four things and a lizard' to a young woman named Sally Sparrow as he tried to dash off. Sally gave him a purple folder containing old photographs, a transcript and contact details of people from the late 1960's before Martha dragged him off down the street.

    The four things and a lizard passed with relative ease (or as much ease as anything does in The Doctor's life), and eventually Sally Sparrow's warnings came true. Both The Doctor and Martha were attacked by 'Weeping Angels', who transport their victims into the past and feed off the energy that would have been their life in the present. Living in 1969 Martha found work to support both herself and The Doctor, while he set about using the information that Sally Sparrow had given him.

    Conversation From 1969
    Conversation From 1969

    They located Wester Drumlins, an old abandoned property that would be derelict in the future causing Sally Sparrow to venture inside looking for good photographs. On the wall they left a message for Sally, warning her of the Weeping Angels, and to duck. In the future, this would be the message that saved Sally's life and started her investigations.

    The Doctor and Martha also met Detective Inspector Billy Shipton, a young black man who had a successful career in the London Metropolitan Police Force until he met Sally Sparrow. Although he showed Sally the mysterious old fashioned Police Telephone Box, he soon fell prey to the Weeping Angels. Upon his arrival in 1969 he met The Doctor and Martha who helped him acclimatise to his new circumstances. As he continued to live and grow in the 60's and 70's, Billy Shipton invested in video and DVDs, where he inserted 'Easter Eggs' into the 17 DVDs which Sally Sparrow would one day own. The Easter Eggs contained footage of The Doctor from 1969 having a one-sided conversation. He explained that the Weeping Angels were Silent Assassins who were time-locked, so that they would freeze whenever any living creature observed them, and then attack whenever their target looked away. The Doctor read from an auto-cue in the past, and Sally would later finish the conversation with him in the future before her final confrontation with the Weeping Angels. The DVD with the Easter Egg also acted as a trigger, so when placed inside the TARDIS' control system it would activate and head for 1969 to pick up Martha and The Doctor. Back in the future, the Weeping Angels that had surrounding the TARDIS were trapped to stare at each other for all eternity.

    Britain's Most Wanted

    The TARDIS needed refuelling, so they made a pit-stop in Cardiff where the TARDIS would soak up the latent energy given off by The Rift. Their stop was cut short when The Doctor fled from a tall man in an old armed forces overcoat ran towards them. Martha was puzzled, and had no idea what was going on until the TARDIS (out of control) landed at the end of the universe in the far unchronicled future. There she met Captain Jack Harkness who immediately charmed her. Despite The Doctor's attempts to keep the two apart, Martha and Jack instantly bonded through their mutual unrequited feelings for The Doctor.

    Introductions were cut short as the three companions were forced to flee from a savage humanoid descendent; the Futurekind. They ran from the hordes of cannibals until they found sanctuary with the last of the human race. Stranded, they were building a spaceship as their last hope to take them to Utopia. The Doctor was led to Professor Yana and his insect-humanoid companion Chantho. With The Doctor's help, they were able to send the last humans into space, safely away from the Futurekind. As the humans boarded the rocket, Martha spoke with a young child who dreamed that the stars were made of diamonds.

    On The Run
    On The Run

    However, while The Doctor and Jack were securing the nuclear power source, Martha observed Professor Yana's behaviour. She recognised his ornamental pocket watch, which resembled The Doctor's watch that was given to Timothy Latimer. However, when she interviewed him about it, she had unwittingly triggered a reaction causing Yana to start to toy with the watch. While Martha informed The Doctor about what she had discovered, Yana opened the watch and unleashed his true personality; that of The Doctor's life long foe, The Master. His assumed name Yana was an acronym for 'You Are Not Alone', the last words spoken by the Face of Boe. The Master immediately murdered his companion, loyal Chantho, and stole the TARDIS.

    The Doctor used his Sonic Screwdriver to repair Captain Jack's wrist-located Vortex Manipulator, and they followed the TARDIS back to Martha's own time. There, they soon realised that they had missed Election Day, and that Harold Saxon was the new Prime Minister of Great Britain. The Doctor was able to recognise Saxon through a televised appearance as being the new regenerated body of The Master. which meant that The Master was Prime Minister.

    In power, Saxon began to corrupt the country and named The Doctor, Martha and Jack as Britain's Most Wanted. On the run, The Doctor transformed their TARDIS keys into perception filters. When worn on a chain around the neck, the perception filters prevented anyone from looking directly at them, and therefore allowed them to move around freely. They discovered that Saxon had been using the Archangel network to send subliminal messages that influenced his record landslide vote on Election Day. He then used the TARDIS to create a Paradox Machine, allowing him to change events in the 21st Century without effecting the future he had just left.

    The Doctor's Orders
    The Doctor's Orders

    In front of billions of people, Saxon introduced an alien race to the rest of humanity. The Toclafane were mysterious flying metallic orbs that spoke with a high-pitched childish tone. They were loyal only to Saxon, and immediately killed the President of the United States on live television. Saxon then used technology derived from The Doctor's severed hand (which Jack had stolen) to radically age The Doctor into a frail old man, while his laser screwdriver would temporarily kill Jack. In order to disable Martha, her parents were brought out. However, Jack regained consciousness and gave her his Vortex Manipulator. The Doctor whispered one last instruction into her ear before she teleported away to safety. Moments later, Saxon gave the order for the Paradox Machine within the TARDIS to be activated. A rift in the skies appeared from which poured billions of Toclafane as they invaded the Earth. The Toclafane randomly killed and subjugated the human race, thereby giving The Master complete control over the planet.

    Living Legend

    Alone and hidden by her perception filter, Martha travelled the world. She did not return to British shores until a year after the Toclafane invasion. Remaining hidden, she was greeted by the former paediatric doctor, Thomas Milligan. With his help, Martha contacted Professor Docherty, a scienitifically gifted woman who appeared to be in the human resistance. With Docherty's help, they realise that a Toclafane had once been killed by a bolt of lightning, and together they set a trap to capture one. Thomas fired his gun, drawing the attention of a lone Toclafane. Martha ran, leading it through Docherty's electric gateway, causing the flying sphere to fall to the ground. Breaking the magnetic locks on the sphere, they discovered a human head connected inside. The creature instantly recognised Martha Jones, and called her sweet & gentle. The fact that it recognised her was surprising, but Martha was shocked & distraught when the cyborg head said that the stars were like diamonds. The words took her back to the end of the universe, where the blond child had dreamed of a new life in Utopia.

    She had already guessed the true nature of the Toclafane, since The Doctor had locked the TARDIS' co-ordinates. The TARDIS was only able to travel between the year one trillion and the present day. Therefore The Master had returned to the end of the universe, located the human survivors who had begun to cannibalise themselves and mentally regress. It was then easy for The Master to convince the warped humans to return to the present day and help him subjugate and eradicate all life.

    Return To Britain
    Return To Britain

    After watching The Master's broadcast where he further aged The Doctor into a frail little creature, Docherty demanded the truth from Martha. So Martha revealed that The Doctor knew that organisations like Torchwood and UNIT had been observing Time Lords for centuries. They had created a chemical weapon capable of killing a Time Lord & that would prevent them from regenerating. Therefore she had been travelling collecting the five pieces of the chemical weapon, and returned to Britain to find the fifth piece.

    Martha and Thomas left Professor Docherty to shelter among the humans in a London suburb, where up to 100 people would reside in one house. There they quizzed her about The Master and if she could truly kill him. But she deflected the conversation towards The Doctor, and told of his great accomplishments. However, The Master appeared on the street with his deadly forces ready to kill to reach Martha. Professor Docherty's son was being held prisoner, and in order to ensure his safe return Docherty informed The Master of Martha's whereabouts.

    Martha handed him the chemical weapon which he promptly destroyed with his laser screwdriver. He was about to turn it on Martha when Thomas ran into the street and sacrificed his life to protect her. Thomas' death inspired The Master, and he decided that it would have more impact to execute Martha in front of The Doctor. However, he could not taunt Martha who remained stoic and silent. Suddenly she surprised him by laughing. Her uncharacteristic behaviour angered The Master who demanded to know what was so funny.

    Martha revealed everything. She teased The Master for being gullibly enough to believe that she had some amazing weapon. The Doctor reminded The Master that he would never ask anyone to kill. Martha explained that as she travelled she had been fighting The Master with words. She spread news of The Doctor, and told everyone around the world to think of The Doctor at one exact moment. The Master scoffed that it was nothing more than an unheeded prayer, but he had miscalculated. His own Archangel network that allowed him to telepathically influence the population of Britain suddenly acted as a conduit for the consciousness of the entire planet. With billions of minds focussed on The Doctor, he was restored to his former age and health. With glowing confidence and seemingly telekinetic abilities, The Doctor quickly disarmed The Master. They had bought enough time to destroy the Paradox Machine within the TARDIS. The entire world began to change as time re-arranged itself. They returned to the day when the President had been murdered, but only they could remember it. As they were in 'the eye of the storm' around the TARDIS then they would remember the events of the previous year.

    Face Of The Boeshane Peninsula
    Face Of The Boeshane Peninsula

    The Doctor and Martha bade farewell to Jack, as he returned to Torchwood Three. Martha laughed in disbelief as Jack told them the story of how he had been the poster child for the Boeshane Peninsula, earning him the nickname 'The Face of Boe'.

    Martha convinced The Doctor to make one little detour before she went home. Professor Docherty had not been in the eye of the paradox storm, and therefore had no memory of ever meeting Martha. As she walked through the gardens of the university she worked at, Martha ran up to her with a bouquet of flowers. As she ran off, Martha stated that she didn't blame the Professor for her actions. Puzzled, Professor Docherty smiled and carried on. Martha then made a brief telephone call to find Thomas Milligan, the man who had helped her in the human underground. When he answered the phone, she hung up with a smile on her face.

    However, the laughter was short-lived, as Martha finally parted with The Doctor. Her family were emotionally damaged by the events of the past year, and how they would never be able to tell it to anyone else. She left the TARDIS only to return, spouting a story about student house-mates where a girl wasted years of her life pining after a boy. Martha made it clear that she had just saved the world, that she wasn't second best to anyone else, and that she wasn't going to waste her life pining after The Doctor. Yet, she didn't leave The Doctor forever. She gave him her Universal Roaming mobile phone, and instructed him that if she ever called that he must return to Earth. They finally parted, and Martha returned to life in London.


    Life after leaving the TARDIS wasn't quiet for long. Martha was headhunted by UNIT based on a recommendation from 'an impeccable source'. With UNIT, the remainder of her medical training was fast-tracked thanks to her unique experiences travelling with The Doctor. She had also sought out Thomas Milligan and begun a relationship with him, even though he could not have had any memories of how he had helped Martha return to England during The Master's reign.

    It wasn't long before she came across a familiar face; Captain Jack Harkness brought Martha to Torchwood Three cased in Cardiff to help solve some mysterious murders. Jack initially told Martha that she should have turned to him if she was looking for work, but she explained that it was UNIT who approached her. He reasoned that The Doctor must have been her 'impeccable source' feeling that he owed Martha a favour.

    Martha With Torchwood
    Martha With Torchwood

    Martha accompanied Owen Harper to a medical institute known as The Pharm which connected the murder victims. They discovered that one victim had been cured of diabetes, while another victim had previously been HIV Positive. They found a survivor in The Pharm, but could do nothing to help when she died and a swarm of insects flew out of her mouth. Despite Owen & Jack's protest, Martha went into The Pharm undercover as Samantha Jones, a hepatitis patient. Owen was concerned about Martha, but Jack honestly stated that he would trust Martha if it was the end of the world.

    However, Martha's scheme was short-lived. She discovered that patients were cured after being injected with Reset; a drug containing an alien insect known as Mayfly. But when the larvae hatched they began to ingest their human host; killing them soon after curing them. Martha was discovered by Professor Copely who had found mutated blood cells in Martha's sample, which could only be caused from exposure to time travel. The Professor then injected Martha with the Mayfly to see what would happen within her mutated blood system.

    The Torchwood team discovered a way into The Pharm. As they split up, Jack & Owen found Martha as a couple of Mayfly were fighting inside of her body. Owen successfully removed the alien insects with the use of a Singularity Scalpel and they begin to leave the facility. As they flee, Owen flirted with Martha but she informed him of her relationship with another man who had saved her life. They were then intercepted by Professor Copely who refuses to give up on his achievements with the Reset drug development. Owen attempted to reason with Copely, but the Professor shot him in the chest. Martha immediately sought to Owen's medical needs, and injected a solution close to his heart. However, Martha's efforts failed and she was forced to announce Owen's death.

    Before Martha could perform the autopsy on Owen, Jack ordered that nobody touch the body until he returned. When Jack re-appeared he had a resurrection gauntlet which he intended to reanimated Owen for a couple of minutes, thereby giving everyone a chance to say goodbye. However, Owen did not pass away for a second time. Unlike the first resurrection gauntlet that Torchwood had previously dealt with, this one did not appear to be draining someone else's life in order to support the resurrected one. Therefore Owen went out to celebrate at a local bar. However, the glove soon began to effect Martha, leaving her extremely aged and weakened. Although Owen destroyed the gauntlet, Jack was forced to take Martha to hospital where they said it was unlikely she would survive in her current condition. Owen, began to fight with Death, and Martha's energy & youth were restored when Owen was successful in battle. However, back at The Hub she explained that the energy keeping Owen alive was slowly dissipated and that she was uncertain how long it would linger, keeping him alive.

    Martha remained with Torchwood to briefly take-over Owen's medical duties. However, as Owen was still alive this caused conflict between the two of them. Martha later attempted to convinced Owen that she didn't want his job, but noticed a wound on his hand. He had cut himself while playing with a scalpel and Martha attempted to treat the wound that would never heal. As Torchwood came to terms with Owen's new life as a re-animated corpse, Martha bade the team farewell and returned to UNIT.

    Martha's Clone

    The Doctor and his new companion Donna Noble received a telephone call on Martha's old mobile phone. It was Martha asking him to return to Earth. Martha and Donna immediately bonded when Donna noticed Martha's engagement ring, and they both began teasing The Doctor for his skinny physique. Martha then authorises a UNIT raid on an ATMOS facility, and dissuades The Doctor's fears that she has become too militant by pointing out the fact that she is still a doctor and that she doesn't carry a gun. She then explains the situation; ATMOS (Atmospheric Emission System) was a satellite navigation system that also reduced carbon dioxide emissions in all terrestrial vehicles. However, a few officials had been mysteriously killed because of faulty ATMOS units, and UNIT were concerned that the technology was either alien or futuristic.

    Sontaran Stratagem
    Sontaran Stratagem

    While The Doctor began to investigate ATMOS and the teenaged genius who created it, Martha warned Donna not to get too involved with The Doctor, and the effects it could have on her family. However, unknown to Martha, UNIT & The Doctor, the Sontarans were involved in ATMOS. They also had a cloning facility hidden in the basement of the ATMOS facility and soon kidnapped Martha. Martha was confronted by her own clone, who took Martha's white coat and engagement ring. The clone took over from Martha in the UNIT control room, and using a handheld computer she was able to prevent nuclear warheads being launched. However The Doctor was not fooled by the clone, claiming that she may as well have worn a t-shirt advertising the fact. He revived Martha in time for her to see hr carbon copy die. He informed her, that they had been connected through the Sontaran's technology; that the clone shared her memories and that Martha's own humanity made the clone betray her Sontaran masters at the last minute. The Doctor and Martha went on to defeat the Sontarans and save the Earth from the poisonous fumes being emitted from the billions of ATMOS units around the world.

    Survival on Messaline

    As Martha bade farewell to The Doctor and Donna, the TARDIS began to operate itself and took them across the galaxy. Martha was furious to be taken against her will, but the TARDIS dumped them on the dark and cold planet of Messaline. As they stepped out of the TARDIS to explore, Martha confessed she had missed the excitement, but almost immediately they were under attack. Caught between two warring factions, Martha was separated from The Doctor and Donna. She found herself trapped on the other side of a cave-in, and attended to a wounded fish-like humanoid alien known as a Hath. The Hath had a dislocated arm, and as she snapped the limb back in to place the other Hath nearly shot her. The Hath and humans had been at war, and Martha began to help her new-found friends while The Doctor and Donna had been imprisoned by the humans.

    With Martha's help, and a little probing by The Doctor with his Sonic Screwdriver, they separately discovered a route to The Source; a legendary source of life and power on Messaline. While The Doctor and Donna travelled with The Doctor's genetic daughter Jenny through the underground tunnels, Martha and the Hath she had helped traversed the bleak terrain on the planet's surface. There Martha fell into a swamp at the bottom of a quarry, and was saved by her Hath companion. However, he drowned after he rescued Martha, leaving her alone and in tears as she trekked across the barren terrain. Eventually Martha found her way back underground where she was immediately joined by Donna, Jenny and The Doctor. There, they discovered the Source; a terraforming agent which should have been released to give form and life to the otherwise uninhabitable planet. The Doctor destroyed the glass ball containing the Source, bringing Messaline to life and bringing an end to the Messaline war. Their ordeal over, Martha was finally returned to Earth once more.

    Child of Time

    Martha and UNIT were soon drawn back into action when the Daleks attacked Earth. The Daleks had stolen 26 other planets and moons, concealing them within the Medusa Cascades. Once they had Earth, the planets and moons all aligned themselves according to their varying sizes and gravimetric influences. The planets therefore created an engine to power a Reality Bomb and destroy all life in the universe.

    Project Indigo
    Project Indigo

    As UNIT came under attack, Martha was given the mysterious Osterhagan Key and Project Indigo; a black life-saver jacket that had been constructed using salvaged Sontaran teleporting technology. Project Indigo had been untested, and when Martha pulled on the shoulder cords she found herself in her mother's house at the foot of the stairs. While in Francine's house, Martha received a visual call from former Prime Minister Harriet Jones on a specially developed Sub-Wave Network. The network linked Martha with Jack Harkness at Torchwood Three and Sarah Jane Smith at home in Bannerman Road. Jack knew of Project Indigo and used some of the information from it to re-activate his own teleporting Vortex Manipulator. He also knew of the Osterhagan Key and begged Martha not to use it. Francine overheard and pleaded her daughter to leave all the heroics to everyone else, but with tears in her eyes Martha explained that she had to do everything she could to stop the Daleks.

    Martha used the teleporting power of Project Indigo to take her to Germany, where she entered one of many UNIT facilities located around the world. There she found two other UNIT operatives ready and nervous at the prospect at using their keys. As The Daleks took The Doctor, Donna and Rose captive, she sent out a broadcast to the Daleks. Martha explained that the Osterhagan Key would detonate a series of nuclear warheads located around the world; that even though she did not know why the Daleks had stolen the Earth, she was certain that by destroying the Earth it would stop the Daleks' plans. Although her ultimatum had impressed Rose, Martha's actions (and those of his other previous companions who were all ready to destroy the Dalek's Crucible) worried The Doctor. Davros taunted The Doctor, that his legacy was to death and to turn normal people into murderous humans. Martha was then immediately teleported aboard the Crucible and help captive, dropping the Osterhagan Key in the underground German complex.

    Everyone was saved by the unexpected intervention of a human Doctor (grown from his severed hand) and Donna, who had been mutated into a human-Time Lord hybrid. The planets were all returned to their original homes, while The Doctor used the TARDIS to tow Earth back. The two Doctors and Donna oversaw the other companions, explaining that the TARDIS was always a bumpy ride since it was intended to be piloted by six individuals. Therefore Martha, Jack, Rose, Sarah Jane and Mickey Smith took over the running of the TARDIS and gently brought the Earth back home.

    Back on Earth, Martha departed from The Doctor and accompanied Mickey & Jack through the park. Jack turned to Martha commenting that UNIT weren't good enough for her, as he attempted to recruit her permanently into Torchwood.

    Martha Smith

    After leaving the TARDIS & Jack, Martha & Mickey spent more time together. Eventually Martha broke off her engagement to Thomas Milligan. Instead, she married Mickey Smith. He convinced her to leave UNIT and 'go freelance'. However, this resulted in the two of them being chased through an old quarry by a lone Sontaran soldier.

    As the Sontaran took aim at Martha & Mickey, The Doctor appeared and disabled the Sontaran with a mallet slap to the Probic Vent. However, The Doctor didn't rush to greet Martha & Mickey. Instead, he kept his distance. He'd been filled with nuclear energy that was soon going to kill him.

    Martha spotted The Doctor looking down at them. She alerted Mickey and they both stood staring up at The Doctor. Immediately they could tell that something was wrong. When The Doctor turned to walk away, Martha buried herself in Mickey's chest. They understood that The Doctor had come to say 'goodbye' in his own unique fashion, and Mickey was left to comfort Martha in her grief.

    Other Appearances

    Animated Show: Infinite Quest

    Martha is the second official companion to The Doctor since the series was relaunched in 2005. Like most of the The Doctor's companions, Martha appears to have had many other adventures in other forms of media.

    Infinite Quest
    Infinite Quest

    While the BBC was showing Series 3 of Doctor Who, they were also broadcasting an animated series known as Infinite Quest as part of their Totally Doctor Who children's programme. In it, Martha and The Doctor travel through the galaxy looking for datachips. The datachips would reveal the location The Infinite, a spaceship which housed a power so immense that it could grant an individual their heart's greatest desire. Together Martha & The Doctor searched for the Datachips in order to prevent Baltazar from reaching The Infinite. Along their journey, Martha shows empathy for and befriends Caw, Baltazar's giant metallic bird companion. She is later kidnapped by Baltazar and pushed into The Infinite first to trip any traps that lay waiting for intruders. There she is confronted by a ghostly form of The Doctor who will not disappear until she rejects it's romantic advances, thereby rejecting her heart's desire. It is through her friendship with Caw that The Doctor was able to catch up with Martha & Baltazar and save the day.

    As this animated adventure was produced by the BBC, it is assumed to be canon within the Doctor Who timeline. However, there have been no indications as to when the adventure occurred within that timeline. It is clear that it takes place while Martha is The Doctor's only travelling companion, and therefore it is safe to presume that it takes place before the events of Utopia. It seems to take place after Martha has become an official permanent companion, which would therefore indicate that it happens after The Lazarus Experiment.

    Comics: IDW Publishing, Books & Radio Plays

    As with the majority of other Doctor Who companions, Martha has made appearances in other published stories during her duration as companion. However, the validity of whether these adventures should be treated as canon usually rages between fans. She has made appearances in books, radio plays, and more recently in comics from IDW Publishing. Doctor Who adventures from IDW Publishing currently feature Martha as The Doctor's current companion, even though she has since been replaced by Donna Noble and joined UNIT.


    Martha Jones was introduction as The Doctor's companion after Rose Tyler was trapped in a parallel dimension at the end of Doomsday. The Doctor had a brief adventure with Donna Noble during the Christmas special, The Runaway Bride, in which he offered Donna the chance to accompany him on his travels. Donna had rejected his offer, leaving The Doctor to travel on his own. It was during this time that he noticed the Judoon's Plasma Cores placed around the hospital where Martha was training, leading into the events of Smith & Jones.

    Clearly Martha was an incredibly clever young woman, as she was nearing the completion of years of medical training. In comparison to Rose, she was a little older, more educated, and came from a more affluent background with a larger family. She was self-assertive, trying to flirt with The Doctor when she first entered the TARDIS and not afraid to reject Shakespeare's romantic advances. Martha also took the time to appreciate the situation, like when she admired the beauty of the moon while everyone in the hospital began to panic, or giving Mr Stoker a little respect by closing his eyes instead of just running off leaving his corpse unattended. Like Rose she was quick-thinking and compassionate, taking time to help the sick in Hooverville and care for the Hath.

    Unlike Rose, Martha has had to endure various alien attacks on her own. When The Doctor hid himself away from the Family of Blood, it was Martha who had to hold the murdering alien family at bay without any help. Likewise, when The Master held The Doctor, Jack and Martha's family as hostage, it was Martha who had to travel the world on her own. For a year she endured life without any friends, family or companions to ease the journey or her hardships.

    Martha was hailed as the first non-white companion for The Doctor, but this is not 100% accurate as Mickey Smith was the first black companion even if it was only for a few episodes. The issue of Martha's skin colour was addressed on various occasions, but she was strong enough not to be goaded into unnecessary conflict because of it. While disguised as a maid in 1913, she took the racial taunts of the pupils quietly, and laughed about it behind their backs. yet she found it more personally offensive that an educated women like Nurse Redfern refused to believe that she could be educated. She had to prove her medical knowledge to Nurse Redfern in order to convince her that her own knowledge was superior. The Master also attempted to taunt Martha by directly comparing her to Rose. He also derides Martha & Jack claiming that they "tick every demographic box", referring to both genders, both skin colours, and both sexual orientation (Jack being the first openly gay character in the Doctor Who Universe).

    Martha was strongly characterised all the way through the third series as a young women in an unrequited relationship. She loved The Doctor, but his feelings for Rose overshadowed any possible chance that Martha might have stood. Yet her strength of character went beyond that of a love sick student, as she overcame her hurt feelings when John Smith fell in love with Nurse Redfern instead.

    Ultimately it was Martha's compassion that led her to leave The Doctor. While Rose desperately wanted to leave her family in a parallel universe to remain with The Doctor, Martha returned to her family after their ordeal at the hands of The Master.


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