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Marte Allon is the one time President of the United Planets and also the mother of the Legionnaire Colossal Boy. She formerly taught History at Metropolis University on Earth. Selected by Earth's lottery type of vetting candidates as a future President of the United Planets Marte was also picked and than selected to become the President. She ran her tenure with an even more open policy of unity with the Legion of Super-Heroes, possibly because her own son was a member.

Major Story Arcs

Pre-Zero Hour

A Professor of History at Metropolis University Marte Allon is the mother of Colossal Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes. For a time she was president of the United Planets. She was once a history professor at Metropolis University. When Marte and her husband Wynn first appeared they were turned to glass by villains who pressured Colossal Boy into helping them infiltrate the Legion Academy.


Marte Allon is a fictional character who is based in the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Universe. She was created by Jim Shooter and Kurt Swan. She first appeared in Adventure Comics #371 - The Colossal Failure.


Marte has a quick mind and sharp wit. She has her Doctorate in several types of History. Marte has shown great wisdom and resolve when she once was head of the United Planets during her tenure and as a sound voice of reason to her son Colossal Boy. Marte is a normal human woman with the physical attributes of a woman in her mid 50's and she engages in regular exercise.


Known Relatives: Wynn Allon (husband), Gim Allon (son), Yera Allon (daughter-in-law), Rogir Allon (nephew)

Place of Birth: Metropolis, Earth

Base of Operations: formerly Metropolis Earth, formerly

Universe: Earth 30th-31st century

Citizenship: Unrevealed

Occupation: Dean of Metropolis University, formerly President of the United Planets

Education: Doctorate in History


Gender: Female

Weight: 138 lbs

Height: 5'7"

Hair: Brown-Grey

Eyes: Brown


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